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Birthday Parties


POW! Kids offers an entertaining and creative option for your child’s birthday.  Whether your little one is a superhero, ninja warrior or martial artist, POW! Kids will offer a birthday party they will never forget.  Our birthday parties are lead by instructors with extensive experience in a variety of youth specific programming and/or education.  All parties are 2 hours of curriculum driven activities. They are not open play.  This means our instructor(s) will be leading the party from start to finish keeping the kids engaged.


$325.00 for 2-hour party in our kid-friendly gym for up to 15 kids

  • 90m of programmed, instructor led athletic activities: relays, obstacle courses, speed & agility training.

  • 25-30m for food/cake.

  • Arrive 20m prior to party.

  • The base theme is Athletic Play – which includes non-stop movement, active games and creative workouts.
  • POW! will provide you with tables and folding chairs to be used for food, snacks, gift bags, and beverages.

  • POW! will set up & clean up.

  • DOES NOT include balloons, gift bags, food, cake, paper products, utensils or cups.

  • You can bring in and order any food you would like.

  • POW! will provide you with free parking behind the building. Ask us for details.

  • Over 15 kids is $18.00 per child. We prefer parties do not exceed more than 25 kids.  Nerf & Combine themes may not exceed 18 kids.


Parties are offered on:

  • Saturdays at 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Saturdays at 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Sundays at 12:30pm to 2:30pm
  • Sundays at 3:30pm to 5:30pm


Most Popular Themes:

  • Athletic Play/ Active Games (3-9yrs)
  • Superhero Training (3-7 yrs), +$65
  • Ninja/Martial Arts Training (3-9 yrs), +$65
  • Jedi Training (3-8 yrs), +$65
  • Pokemon (3-7 yrs), +$65
  • Movie Night (6-12yrs)
  • Secret Agent Training (6-10,) +$65
  • Ninja Warrior Training (7-10 yrs), +$65
  • Nerf Drills & Skills (8-10 yrs), +$99
  • Sports Combine (9-12 yrs), +$99
  • Customized Themes (any age), +$65