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POW!’s West Loop fitness facility has offered group classes since 2001. Our group classes are structured in interval training formats. The students at POW! are driven by the overall fitness benefits of the way the group classes combine strength, skill, martial arts and conditioning.
Lucky for them, we provide a technical training experience without compromising the workout. Our 30-minute blasts and 45-minute classes are always formatted as high intensity interval training. The goal of these classes is to boost the metabolism and achieve results. Weight loss and increased muscle mass is always the goal.

POW!’s group fitness classes are often formatted in circuit formats focused on strength and conditioning or anaerobic threshold and recovery. The strength and conditioning elements of our programming have been a highlight of our program since we opened in 2001. You can expect to do body weight exercises, TRX straps, tire flips, heavy rope, weight training, sprints, plyometrics, power lifting, kettle bells and much, much more.
Segments of our POW! Fit classes are always integrated into our core programming. The POW program makes punching and kicking the best method of getting into shape. Our functional fitness interval training style leaves you with a real skill – the ability to fight back against an attacker. Come burn 1000 calories with us.