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Chicago Muay Thai - POW

Chicago Muay Thai

POW! in the West Loop offers several different types of kickboxing and Muay Thai group classes. Our Muay Thai 101 classes include Muay Thai kick drills, technical partner training, clinch work and how to throw all 8 weapons (elbows, punches, knees and kicks). Our classes always provide a total body workout. They include body weight exercises, flexibility training and sport-specific conditioning. Everyone in the combat sports should experience Muay Thai and kickboxing training.

POW! Muay Thai kickboxing club in the West Loop of Chicago teaches everyone to hold pads, sometimes shields and mitts. In order to maintain an authentic training experience our classes place everyone in partnerships, and therefore heavy bag training is not as dominant as pads work in our group classes. Our Muay Thai group classes welcome all levels. POW!’s Muay Thai kickboxing classes also encourage teenagers to participate and we have many methods of integrating teens into our program.