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July 2018

Everyone should have a method for keeping their boxing gear clean. Regardless if your hands sweat, over time your gear will smell if you do not sanitize and deodorize your gloves, wraps, and mitts. As a gym owner, I take sanitation very seriously. Even though my facility is cleaned daily and all our gear is disinfected, it does not have an impact on the germs in my own gear. When doing a boxing mitt workout with a partner, it is more enjoyable when we both keep their gloves and mitts clean.  Here are a few products worth purchasing. Before ordering these products, the number one tip for keeping your gear clean is:

WASH YOUR WRAPS (use a garment bag)

5 Great Products to Keep Your Gloves Clean

No Stink Deodorizers, $9.99

POW! Gym carries this product




Meister Glove Deodorizer, $11.99





Clear Gear Disinfecting Spray, $11.99




Sof Sole Sneaker Balls, $9.83





12 Pack Natural AIr Purifying Bags, $13.99