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July 2018

The boxing program at POW! Gym, located in the west loop has always offered a wide range of class formats.  Our program focuses on mitt drills.  The bag classes we offer provide great conditioning, but our staff relies on using the mitts to teach technique and provide a more well-rounded boxing training experience.
During the months of July and August, POW! always features Olympic Boxing on the adult schedule.  This is an opportunity for everyone to change their style of punching and experience slightly different combos.  It is very common that boxing practitioners (those that spar and those that focus on fitness) become hyper-focused on hitting mitts hard all the time.  Over the next couple months, the Tuesday, 5:30pm class will emphasize a more traditional amateur boxing stance, faster punching drills and more footwork.  The goal is to make your feet hydroplane across the floor with boxing.

Here is a look at an old blog I wrote about 5 years ago.  It showcases where I learned this footwork drill which is one that you often see at POW! Gym.

Sometimes, time away from the gym helps me remember things I have learned. I first learned this drill in 1998 or 99. I was at the Pan American village in Cuba visiting the Cuban National Boxing Team. It has been a long time since I used it at POW – probably since 2001-03. But now that we will be featuring Olympic boxing for the next two months I am going to be recalling as much as I can.

I have posted the Cubans doing this drill and then myself. Clearly the Cubans move quicker and smoother than me. We will be doing this in class throughout the summer.

This is from one of my summer vacations- trying to practice my basics.