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January 2018

Boxing Footwork Drill

The boxing classes offered at POW! in the West loop also include footwork drills. Footwork drills are an amazing way to improve boxing skills.  A good boxing class should improve your footwork not just your punching.  Instructors at POW! Gym Chicago teach drills that make the students move their feet constantly.  By adding footwork drills to your training you will develop more realistic striking skills. Footwork training can also increase punching power. In this video that was filmed at POW! Gym’s old location, Owner Katalin has added a stretch cord.  This drill forces the striker to connect their feet to the ground and ‘burst’ through the balls-of-the-feet when throwing punches. I like this drill with a partner holding mitts as well. The stretch cord is fairly comfortable. I also like this drill because it simply increases your intensity.

If you have an interest in trying one of our boxing classes reach out to us at 312-829-7699.