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April 2015

Chicago Self Defense Must Include Gun Defenses

Everyone in Chicago should learn self-defense.  I find it embarrassing when friends and family from other cities either post on my facebook page a horrible crime story or call me to ask me, ‘If I am okay or did I hear about…’.   I wrote a long blog recently that presented the following question, Are you more likely to get shot living in Chicago?  I realize that this question is not offering a point of comparison.  Like, Are you more likely to get shot here than the suburbs, Paris, NYC or Charlotte.  I really asked the question because it forces you to acknowledge the amount of gun violence in Chicago and that learning how to defend yourself and manage your personal safety is the most relevant life saving skill.  There are other life-saving skills that I value like CPR.  But I have chosen to teach self-defense / krav maga at my west loop martial arts and fitness gym in the west loop.  Although I do not dive into gun defense for a beginner student – I try to constantly remind beginners the importance of developing a big-picture set of skills that are built on principles.  These principles are part of the National Fit to Fight curriculum.   

Here is the blog posted yesterday.

Are you more likely to get shot living in Chicago?  According to a USA Today story, violence is soaring in the Windy City.  There has been a 40% increase in shootings, 29% have resulted in homicides.
I have always taken so much pride in the fact that I am a true-blue Chicagoan.  A true downtowner – raised on Chicago Avenue and Wells Street.  My home, was a photo and art studio just a couple blocks from Cabrini O’ Green.  While in the 70s and 80s, this neighborhood was laced with its own daily violence, I just was not afraid.  We lived with a cautious presence, as everyone should.  But with over 350 shootings so far this year, I am more afraid of the crime in Chicago than at any other time in my life.