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April 2019

Healthy Shoulders

The monthly goal is Shoulder Strength and Stability. Part of the motivation for focusing on this area, is the positive impact it will have on:

  • Posture
  • Mitt Holding
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Striking
  • Pushing Exercises
  • Pulling Exercises

It is great when a strength program includes exercises that recruit the front (i.e. front raises) and back (i.e. rear delt flies) of the shoulder. But an emphasis must be placed on scapular (shoulder blade) stability and rotator cuff.  This month you will see all the instructors adding a few exercises to help promote healthy shoulders and scapulas.  Certainly everything we do at POW! trains the entire body; but in order to help everyone reach their personal goals with less injuries a little more attention will be placed on shoulder and scapular stability in April.

The shoulder joint/shoulder girdle differs than joints like the knee and wrist because of the wide range of articulations.   I would even say of shoulder joint/girdle is more complex than joints like the knee and wrist.