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June 2017

Judy Zamora, June 13, 2017, POW! Gym Intern shares her story.

When one thinks of college, the first thing that comes to mind is, this is my chance for a fresh start in a new environment. In that moment the Freshman 15 never cross my mind.

What is the freshman 15 you may ask, well I recall my high school college seminar class stressing the importance of avoiding the 15 pounds most first year college students gain. At that time, my concerns were very minimal since my priorities were much larger with dealing with tuition, dorm essentials, etc.

 By the end of my first year of college I accumulated exactly 15 pounds, which put me at my heaviest 225 lbs. My self esteem was the lowest it had ever been due to my physical appearance, I came to realization that my health was at jeopardy if I was going to continue this lifestyle of unhealthy eating. Losing that self control can be very brutal in one’s health and self esteem; which ended up motivating me to embark in a new journey. I planned to eat healthier and be smarter about my choices the following semester. For the last 3 years of college, my determination to get in shape was a slow progression, yet results were becoming noticeable and for the first time in my life I felt that I was getting my life back together. I had lost over 48 pounds in the past 2 years by making smarter choices in my food intake; in addition, increase my daily exercise.

Now starting my new internship I have been given the chance to expand my knowledge on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle; by shadowing fitness instructors during their class sessions; as well as exploring many fitness websites. I recently came across an article by Gabrielle Kratsas “30 Great ways to Avoid the Freshman 15 and Stay in Shape”. Gabrielle pinpoints great tips that target main issues first year college students stumble upon with well thought out plans to avoid temptation as well as teaching smarter ways to substitute food. For example, she described the importance to reducing carb consumption by incorporating more nuts, lean meat, and fish due to the fact that these food groups contain the essential protein that we as individuals need in order to boost our metabolism and better our GI tract.  Webmd further explains the key component in developing a essential metabolic rate. In the article, one very important tip that I honestly wished I took into consideration in college is never skip breakfast. Personally breakfast was a meal that hardly co-existed in my early mornings because I felt that time was cut too short for a bowl of cereal,so breakfast became an occasionally thing. Building excuses were the cause of my problems and Gabrielle’s helpful tips gives you that guidance on how to start making lifestyle changes and the importance on the simple things we tend to ignore: sleep, staying hydrated, and exercise.

I believe that exposing these helpful tips to incoming Freshman in College will not only help them improve their physique status, but improve their mental health in order to perform better academically.

I believe that anyone not just college students can incorporate these helpful tips to their busy schedules resulting in healthier lifestyle.


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