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Our After School Programs Here in West Loop Genuinely Pack A Punch!

Here at POW!, we provide a great avenue for kids to stay fit and have fun after school lets out, all with professional supervision. Our After School Program offers students from all across West Loop, Hyde Park, and Wicker Park a great location to go when the school day ends. Our goal is to keep parents' lives stress-free and provide our kids with important life skills like self-confidence, respect, and discipline... that's why our Martial Athletics program is a great fit for parents and students alike!

Martial Athletics for kids (Ages 7-14)

POW! Kids Martial Athletics will expose your child to the athletics bred by boxing drills, the explosivity inherent in tae kwon do, the discipline integral to karate, the agility of jiu jitsu and the reality training perfected by krav maga. We use positive reinforcement and innovative fitness drills to keep children motivated. Each tactical situation we work on is appropriately presented and instills awareness, not fear.

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