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August 2018

Revgear University is a rare experience for the modern day martial artist. It is a privilege to have an opportunity to meet and study with practitioners from a wide range of styles. Although the programming has changed from year to year, the exposure to other highly accomplished martial artists is invaluable. If you are a martial arts instructor, you are an educator of your craft. In order to continue being relevant, you need to study beyond your style. If an instructor only remains within the walls of their system, it will be difficult to grow. One of the best ways to honor your system is to understand other art forms. In doing so, you will be able to intelligently speak to the benefits and value of other art forms and relate them to your style and student’s experiences. As the martial arts community continues to become more inclusive, continuing your education of other practices will lead to your sustainability. Great teachers have the ability to be relatable. Although there are many students pursuing a specific art form, most students bond with an instructor first and then their style. A robust world-view on various martial arts methods and training practices will evolve your ability to attract more students and ultimately feed your underlying passion – teaching martial arts.

Revgear PresentersThe 2018 Revgear University program offers an ensemble of Martial Arts Legends teaching together for the first time in years. 2018 Revgear Universty was hosted by Pete Hardy, Owner of STW in San Antonio, Texas. Dan Inosanto, Erik Paulson, Chai Sirisute, and Francis Fong will share their training drills and tips.   In addition to these martial arts icons, Revgear University is also featuring a wide range of martial arts professionals that have been solid contributors to enhancing and professionalizing the martial arts community.


Randy Couture Guest Teacher






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