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August 2018

west loop boxing west loop boxing

POW! Gym Chicago has been around since 2001.  As the first female-owned boxing gym in Chicago, Owner Katalin Ogren loves offering diverse and exciting boxing training experiences.  Katalin designs boxing classes to keep students motivated and provide a well-rounded workout.  Above all, the coaches at POW! focus on technique and believe that each training sessions should be dedicated to improving skill. “Each time you box, you are investing in better technique, which helps to ensure the next workout will be that much better,” shares Katalin.  Coaches at POW! Gym Chicago in the West Loop all prescribe to this philosophy.  Other benefits of technical boxing classes include:

  • reducing injuries
  • improving the training experience
  • maximizing the workout
  • receiving a results-driven workout.


POW! Gym in the West Loop has been fortunate to be included on a lot of great lists.  This is a bi-product of being around for over 17 years.  Self Magazine included POW! Gym in their list of Best Boxing Gyms in the US.