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Superhero Training


They are in comics, on television, and online.  We hope they are really out there, somewhere…up in the sky or in their hideouts – Superheroes are in the hearts of the POW! staff.  Superhero stories are pervasive in American culture and shared across every generation.  Many of us have donned the capes at one point, and with a big breath, jumped into the air.  These stories serve as modern folktales, as well as good educational foundations to explore physical abilities, creative identity, teamwork, and ethics.

Our Superhero Training class on Sundays at 9:30am to 10:30am last between 6 and 10 weeks (depending on the time of the year). This progressive program leads students through different missions and an exploration of what it means to be “Super.”  Each class starts with team-building and then grows to include more individualized skills that mimic the powers of famous superheroes.  Numerous examples of heroes & heroines in fiction and in real life are used as models to transform our bodies and skills through objectives and games.  Our instructors weave in the exploration of settings, physical skills, and team-based problem-solving with each child’s imagination.  With a story-telling styled leadership, our instructors inter-lace physical tasks with creative expression.  Each course builds a storyline relevant to the time of year and the age of the group.  POW! Kids creates a journey for your child each time they visit.


We all know the trademarked heroes in capes that spring to mind at the mention of being Super. Many of us have donned the capes at one point, and with a big breath jumped into the air to fight evil-doers.

In this class, students will explore the things that make them feel super. They will hone their motor skills through fun “super” activities that will help build coordination and confidence.  But more than just the physical attributes of jumping, leaping, running, balancing and climbing superheroes have morals.  We emphasis the importance of respecting others and the environment in all our classes.

Classes run 45 minutes in length. First time parents will do a waiver before the first class.  This class is ongoing.  It is not an enrollment, you may use a class card.

Saturdays at 8:15am to 9:00am           Register Now!


POW! Kids Martial Athletics will expose your child to the athletics bred by boxing drills, the explosivity inherent in tae kwon do, the discipline integral to karate, the agility of jiu jitsu and the reality training perfected by krav maga. We use positive reinforcement and innovative fitness drills to keep children motivated. Each tactical situation we work on is appropriately presented and instills awareness, not fear. POW! Kids Martial Athletics breaks training down into three general categories: