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May 2019

west loop healthy eating west loop healthy eating

We all want to look and feel our best, but so often it seems like our busy lives get in the way. Even when you’re in the habit of eating right and exercising, healthy living can be hard to stick with consistently. When you find yourself in a rut, whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed or stuck in a boring exercise routine, it’s time to shake things up! Instead of aiming for unrealistic goals, the trick to change is creating small, daily health habits with these simple strategies.

Don’t Skip Your Home

Your home is your haven. It should be a place that promotes happiness, but if you look around and see a lot of clutter, your surroundings are probably making you feel more stressed than happy. This is a big deal because stress has a major impact on your overall health. From visible signs like skin issues and hair loss, to physical ailments like headaches, insomnia, and more serious health concerns, stress takes a real toll on our bodies.

This is why it’s essential to make your home a stress-free zone, and that means decluttering to create a more calming environment. Good Housekeeping recommends starting with the entryway because that’s a natural zone for clutter to accumulate. Once your home is clutter-free, give it a thorough deep cleaning. If you need a little help, it’s worthwhile to hire a cleaning company or maid service to ensure a thorough job, and the average cost for an interior house cleaning in Chicago is $91 – $184. Making your home clutter-free and sparkling clean gives you a reset so you can start fresh with healthy habits in a positive environment.

Don’t Skip Appointments

While it’s good to focus on daily habits to care for your health, one thing you don’t want to overlook is the importance of getting regular health screenings. This is true at every age, but it’s especially important for seniors. Make sure you know what’s covered by your insurance, and check into this frequently because plans can change every year. Seniors may want to look into Medicare Advantage plans, like those offered through Aetna, because many plans provide coverage for things like dental and vision care, and in some cases, access to fitness centers where you live. No matter your age, your health insurance benefits are there to help you prevent health concerns as much as treat them, so make sure you’re taking advantage of your benefits.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Whether or not you think it’s the most important meal of the day, there’s no denying the benefits of starting your day with a nutritious meal. Nutritious is the key word here, but when you’re on the go, it can be hard to find the time to make a healthy breakfast. Try these breakfast snacks that make it easier to fit a healthy breakfast into your schedule. Prep the night before, stock your pantry and fridge with healthy ingredients, and use quick recipe ideas. When you get in the habit of preparing a healthy breakfast, you get a jump start on meeting your nutritional needs for the day.

Don’t Skip Strength Training

If you’re a cardio fiend but you aren’t doing any strength training, you’re missing out on some major fitness benefits. Weight training can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories. Plus, as we get older, we face muscle loss and decreased bone density, but weight training reverses these problems. For an easy way to add strength training to your routine, try this 9-minute workout from The New York Times that uses your own bodyweight to develop strength.

We all skip things from time to time. Real life is busy, and you may not think of these little things as essential. The reality is that these small changes can actually make the biggest difference in your overall wellness. Major health goals are hard to reach if you don’t break them down, but making these small choices daily is doable, and that’s what it takes to truly live a healthy life.

Provided by Guest Blogger Jennifer McGregor

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels