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March 2018

All strike for combat training All strike for combat training

I am sure that many of you that train at POW! Gym Chicago have wondered- what the weird looking heads are on the shelf.  The All Strike is a great alternative to mitts.  The All Strike offers a progression for those who train on mitts and an opportunity if you want to punch someone in the face.  The All Strike is a durable head that has a comfortable handle inside.

If you are a regular striker, I promise you will smile after playing with the All Strike.  Once I finally started playing with it (and it takes some practice) I noticed the following attributes of this Quest Training product.

  • It reacts like a head.
  • It is not as hard to hold as you first think when you look at the handle design (see my video for an explanation of the handle design).
  • There is no need for the holder to adjust pads between strikes.
  • Combinations will be thrown with a more realistic timing.
  • There’s no reason to throw pre-determined sequences.
  • It offers anatomical accuracy-, which improves the transition to reality.
  • It forces you to recover when you miss which is a huge asset.  Mitts give you very little experience with truly missing your target.
  • It gives you a chance to throw all strikes to specific areas of the head, especially for elbows and knees when you are grabbing/clinching the head you will have a better sense of proper hand application.
  • It forces you to use more footwork.  Most pads holders offer a poor footwork experience.
  • It is fun!

Feel free to play with these at POW.