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Adult Boxing & Kickboxing


Hands down, POW!’s boxing classes are a perfect blend of instruction and intensity. We know that the better you punch, the better your workout will be! In addition, by focusing on technique while offer members challenging and exciting workouts, you are less likely to get injured hitting mitts or bags. We train with a partner during our classes and therefore spend time developing everyone’s mitt holding skills. In order to reap the benefits, boxing has to offer, you must train on mitts. No two boxing classes are the same throughout the week.


The majority of people at POW! do not spar. Like most gyms, our members are focused on their fitness and wellness goals. However, the energy and attention given by our instructors inspire our members to really fall in love with the sport of boxing. We offer sparring in a safe training format. It is an option and gives members who desire to progress their training an opportunity to test their boxing skills. This class requires safety gear and in a combination of classic boxing sparring drills, footwork, defense, and sparring. All levels are welcome.


Our kicking classes represent drills from both the sport of kickboxing and Thai boxing. Although these are different sports, we find that our members enjoy training both types of kicks. You will see several different classes on our schedule that focus on kickboxing//thai-kickboxing drills. Today, many of the rules of these sports have actually been merged to accommodate that many of these athletes fight under both sets of rules. Although these are fitness classes, we make sure we are always representing an authentic learning experience. Some classes work bags and other work pads.