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Adult Fitness


POW! offers unique strength and conditioning training formats. Our 45-minute classes are technical and dynamic. By emphasizing technique and skill, our members get amazing results while mitigating the potential for injury. Although we offer a wide range of classes that utilize the sled, kettle bells, barbells, ropes, med balls and more – our training modalities reflect a common monthly goal. Our goals change monthly and always feature a challenge of the month. An example of our goals is muscular endurance, power or shoulder stability.


Personal training at POW! can be tailored to your goals. Choose private sessions that focus on strength, cardio, and weight loss or work with one of our Muay Thai or boxing coaches. Other popular private sessions incorporate sports performance drills or total body circuit tailored to your specific goals. To take advantage of our new members’ specials click here.


POW! has been featured in SHAPE Magazine as one of the country’s best boxing gyms. Our boxing classes are the perfect mix of technique and hard-core training. We relish in teaching you how to box. Better form leads to better results. Although we offer boxing classes every day, no two classes are exactly the same. We rotate amazing training topics and make everyone feel like a champ by the end of their efficient 45-minute session.


Let us surprise you with the amazing workout of Muay Thai, striking and self-defense classes offer.  Never underestimate the total body workout you get when combining Thai kicking drills, evasive footwork, krav maga drills and jump rope. We are committed to giving our members skills they can use in a self-defense situation. Our membership options give you the choice to try any combination of our fitness classes along with krav maga and Muay Thai. We do not limit your ability to train or build super cool skills.