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Corporate Team Building

A positive workplace culture is a goal of most companies. It has been proven to lead to increased productivity, better employee morale, lower absenteeism and the ability to retain skilled workers. 

There are many variables that affect the workplace culture including stress, lack of engagement, poor communication, changing corporate landscape and overall negative morale.  POW! Gym has created a dynamic and engaging team building program to help your employees manage stress, work together and bond as a team.

POW! Gym has devised specific exercises incorporating traditional team building models along with self-defense and the martial arts to provide a truly fun and unique experience focusing on shared company goals.  This will motivate employees, improve communication skills, build confidence, decrease stress and increase productivity.   POW! will tailor all programs to fit your company’s culture and overall goals.

Group Workshops and Seminars:   The drills, exercises and techniques are designed to build trust and increase positive engagement between employees. Participants work in pairs and small groups.  These groups change allowing every person to work together during the workshop.  We

Six Week Sessions:  Team members will work together as a group to learn fundamental self-defense techniques and combatives. 

Corporate Wellness Program:  Discounted membership providing access to all of POW! Gym classes as well as strength and cardio equipment.  This discount would apply to immediate family members of the employees as well. 

For more information please contact our Corporate Program Director, Jennifer Imig at