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Olympic Judo

Judo is a traditional Japanese martial arts.  It is considered a grappling art that focuses on throws, pins, and submissions. Judo is an art-form that maximizes  efficiency of movement with minimum effort.  Judoakas or students of judo can defeat much larger opponents by using their opponent’s size and momentum against them. POW! classes will  improve, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.   All programs at POW! also focus on building a child’s confidence.  Classes begin at 4 years old up through teens.


Tumbling & Fitness

Our tumbling program uses inversions, hand springs, bounding and flips as a tool to build the overall fitness level and confidence of a child.  We offer classes for kids starting at 4 years old.  We also offer strength training – teach kids to key athletic movement to make them well-rounded athletes.  We also work on flexibility,  Classes are divided by age groups.


Youth Boxing

POW! has been offering boxing classes for kids for 12 years.  Kids age 6 and above can experience this awesome, athletic sport.  Our program focuses on technique, including footwork and overall conditioning.  We also instill confidence and a sense of responsibility when learning to box.  POW!’s mission has always been to build safer, fitter and more confident people.  Boxing is a great way to lay the foundation for self-defense skills and enhance a child’s self-esteem.  We offer classes for small children, kids ages 8 years old and a tween and teen program.10:45—11:30am Youth Boxing


Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing classes at POW! are a combination of kickboxing, boxing and self-defense.  Thai Boxing is a style of martial arts that comes from Muay Thai.  Our goal is always build confidence and respect.  Thai Boxing is a great form of fitness and we take pride that we are improving the overall strength and conditioning of our students.