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Kid’s Camps & Events

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POW! offers active Fit Kid One-Day Camps. These day-camps are held on days when the Chicago Public Schools are closed. This includes federal holidays, report-card pick ups and even during strikes. This day is filled with structure. The kids will participate in a wide range of running, fitness and sports games. Please send your child with: lunch, snacks, water bottle, homework/book and gym shoes. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the outdoors if we decide to go to Skinner Park. We prefer that your child does not bring technology devices. However, we encourage that you pack a book. To enroll contact us directly at or click here.

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Our camp will build the athletic skills of each child. We will play a wide array of fitness games. We will teach the kids about fitness and healthy living concepts. Camps intend to include outdoor time (weather permitting). Please make sure your kids come appropriately dressed. Camp days include art and reading sessions. Although all our camps utilize fun-filled fitness programming some weeks this summer have a theme.

We will be also be offering the following camps : Nerf Skills & Drills, Martial Arts & Fight Choreography,  Sports Conditioning Camp and Parisi Speed & Performance Camps.

The goal is to offer variation in programming that reflects some of POW!’s signature events and programming. It will also create a diverse camp experience for the kids that spend many weeks with us over the summer.

Check Here for the schedule


This is the perfect week-long camp for the young athlete. Our camp is focused on building the athlete as a whole. Aside from following Parisi’s Signature Training Program, we will invest time in enhancing each child’s character, athletic intellect and leadership skills. All kids will be required to read an autobiography of an athlete. They will also be given assignments that expand their knowledge of nutrition and be offered an opportunity to exercise their leadership skills. Kids must come prepared each day with lunch, snacks, water bottle and appropriately dressed for outdoor training.

Check Here for the schedule


One of our favorite things to do is create PARENT PERKS! Enjoy a Saturday night dinner date without your kids. Check out one of the West Loop’s newest restaurants or enjoy a quiet night at home. These evenings begin around 6pm. Our goal is to lead the kids through a short workout before the evening’s feature film.  Please send a water bottle for your child. This event requires a 10 kid minimum and has a 20 child maximum. All early bird and sibling discounts must be applied manually so please call (312-829-7699) or email us directly if you qualify for a discount.

NERF NIGHT (8-12 yrs)

Drop your child off for 90 minutes of fast moving Nerf Nation action! Kids will take part in active challenges that test their shooting skills. Kids will be given team assignments and individual events. As they progress through this evening filled with a wide range of challenges they will accumulate points. Each player will earn points and be entered into our leader-board. The end of the evening will reveal a POW! Nerf Nation Champion. Logistics for play: most events will use POW’s single shot shooters to maintain fairness. Kids may bring their own Nerf gun for a series of ‘open events.’ This event requires a 10 kid minimum and no more than 20 kids. Any early bird or sibling discounts must be applied manually so please call or email us directly if you qualify for a discount. We will not be breaking for snacks or dinner; but please send a water bottle with your child. Kids will be running, crawling and jumping during this event


NINJA WARRIOR TRAINING NIGHT (4-7yrs) or (8-11 yrs)

Would your kid be bouncing off the walls, even if sugar were not involved? If your kids would love to learn to leap, bounce, climb, land, run and cart-wheel faster and safer — this is the perfect workshop.

Kids will train to be the future American Ninja Warrior. They will learn to build their strength, their flexibility, and learn to conquer all fear. This event is 90 minutes -2 hours in length, and will focus on learning techniques in Rope Climbing, Rock Wall Traversing, Monkey Bar Climbing, and parkour style movements. If you have a sincere desire to be the next American Ninja Warrior, then your training starts here. We hold different sessions for the two age groups.

  • basic tumbling skills
  • rebounding off angled surfaces
  • landing from high boxes
  • moving quickly & stopping without injury
  • how to properly climb a rope



POW! offers several different after school and enrichment programs. Please reach out to us directly via email: Katalin@powkickboxingcom  to get an overview of our programs and if POW! Kids is a good fit for your school and students, Some of our most popular programs include:

  • Superhero Training,  K-2nd grade
  • Youth Boxing & Fitness, 3rd – 5th grade or 6th -7th grade
  • Parisi Sports Conditioning, 3rd-5th grade
  • Parisi Strength & Conditioning, 6th-8th grade
  • Fit Kid Challenges, 2nd to 4th grade