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Training Academies & Camps


Parisi Speed School camps are offered during, winter, spring and summer breaks. Most of them are week-long camps, but we often offer one-day camps during ‘no-school’ days. Take a look at our upcoming sports performance camps.

The Parisi Speed School takes athletes from good to great. We will make your young athlete, faster, stronger and more skilled. Our week-long summer camp will immerse them in ‘the life of an athlete’. Our full week-long schedule will include 3 structured training sessions each day.  In addition to their training responsibilities we will teach them athletic accountability. They will be required to log their food, learn basic muscle anatomy and learn present their motivation and goals. Camps are 8am to 5pm. 


Our training academies are sport specific programs dedicated to the movements and drills directly correlated to a specific sport. These sessions are larger than our PEAK program (semi-privates). This is an open enrollment where we feature a specific sport for a set number of weeks.  These can be created for teams in their off-season. These are different from team training sessions because they are not organized by the school’s or club’s Athletic Director / Coaching Staff. This is an alternative to transitioning to the couch in the off-season. Contact Parisi Program Director Brennan Cox at to receive more information.