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November 2015

Self Defense Chicago Self Defense Chicago

West Loop  Self-Defense Training 

I have been teaching self-defense for over 20 years.  When I first started to learn Krav Maga, a reality based self-defense system in 2000, I knew it was important to bring it to Chicago.  In 2001, when I opened up POW! in the West Loop, I was eager to add Krav Maga Self Defense to our class schedule West Loop Gym.

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The term self-defense gets a bad rap.  Over the decades, many martial arts have used this term to build the confidence of its students so they will practice their art with determination and commitment.  However, not all martial arts are dedicated purposely to only self-defense; but almost all martial arts offer a skill(s) that can be applied to a self-defense situation.  With that being said, not all martial arts need to be focused on self-defense.  There is nothing wrong with practicing a martial art for its pure enjoyment, self-enhancement and dedication.  All martial arts have something valuable to offer its practitioners.  It is important for an art to be honest in its purpose.  For example,  I love Tae Kwon Do!  I love Olympic TKD.  And, I completely respect the high level XMA practitioners that perform forms who often come from a TKD background.  As a TKD black belt, I can also be honest that as a traditional martial art and modern day sport – TKD  is not an art form dedicated solely to street or tactical self-defense and that is okay.  Just because TKD does not drill situational defenses or train how to get out of a clinch from against a wall – does not mean that TKD is any less of a martial art than any other style. I also believe that a TKD practitioner with solid kicking skills and good footwork has skill sets that can translate to some self-defense situations.  In fact, I believe that traditional martial arts students avoid danger because their dedication to their art form heightens their awareness, respect and understanding of danger.

Self-de*fense- as a noun and legal term is a person’s ability to use appropriate and reasonable force against another that poses you bodily harm.  Here is a look at a blog that addresses other legalities surrounding self defense from  

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