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May 2018

Over the past 17 years, POW! Gym has adapted its schedule to offer modern functional fitness while staying true to its love of the combat sports.   Classes like boxing, muay thai, kickboxing and krav maga are still available each week. These classes provide its participants with the pursuit of skills while burning a lot of calories.

POW! Gym has a simple philosophy. By improving skills, you achieve a far more intense workout. Each workout serves as an investment in the next workout. By improving the quality of a hook, thai round, front squat and pull-up today, you are investing in the potential of the next workout. POW! staff will emphasize learning how to do movement properly which also serves as a means of mitigating injuries.

The staff at POW! Gym wants to offer an unbelievable boxing training experience; but not in exchange for bad technique and potential injury. New comers to POW! are sometimes mislead that every boxing class should be the most intense workout ever! Although this could become true, a workout’s true intensity and benefit to the body is at the mercy of an individual’s form and ownership of the movements being performing. This philosophy remains true with all types of classes. Whether you are jumping rope, sprinting the track, performing Olympic lifts or simply squatting; POW! staff will always be looking at form and technique. Instructors at POW! try to save participants from themselves. They are committed to making sure high intensity doesn’t supersede technique.

Owner and Operator, Katalin sets a tone within the gym that instructors are also educators. Each person that leads a class is a teacher, motivator and coach. Continuously improving your ability to modify, regress and progress a movement or exercise is their special talent. Every class at POW! has a slightly different vibe. You will notice each coach is able to put his or her spin on the POW! training philosophy. Their common denominator is their dedication to making sure they are masters of teaching technique. Their goal is make sure your POW! class becomes the best part of your day.

Categories of classes at POW! Gym

  • Boxing
  • Strength (including Olympic Lifting)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Thai Kickboxing / Muay Thai
  • Krav Maga Self Defense
  • Parisi Speed & Conditioning
  • Total Body HIIT