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West Loop Gym, POW! Celebrates 17 Years

Katalin Ogren, Owner of West Loop POW! Gym Celebrates 17 Years in Business I love owning a martial arts and sports performance gym.  My life has been enhanced in so many ways because of POW! and the people that have trained there over the years.  One of my primary... read more

Jump Rope Training Can Help Runners

Experts agree a great way to increase running endurance is to implement cross training into your workouts. Experts also agree that running improperly can cause long-term injuries and pain to the runner.  Jumping rope is a great way to address both of these issues.... read more

How to do a Switch Right Cross Jab

You should practice the straight right hand every time you train.  This fundamental is not negotiable.  But there is nothing wrong with spicing it up as well.  Parlor tricks in any sport are a fun way to stay motivated and try new things.  Even if you are not a... read more

West Loop Summer Camps at POW! Gym, 2018

POW! Gym Chicago offers amazing kids programs.  Check out our west loop summer camp schedule. ONE DAY CAMPS: POW Kids Fit Kid (7-8 years ) June 19 POW Kids Fit Kid (9-12 years) June 19 POW Kids Fit Kid (7-8 years) June 20 POW Kids Fit Kid (9-12 years) June 20 POW Kids... read more

Boxing Footwork Drill

Boxing Footwork Drill The boxing classes offered at POW! in the West loop also include footwork drills. Footwork drills are an amazing way to improve boxing skills.  A good boxing class should improve your footwork not just your punching.  Instructors at POW! Gym... read more

Training Tip to Improve your Cross Jab

Although this video was filmed at the old location of POW! Gym Chicago, it is a great one to add to your training program.  The goal is to make your cross jab more explosive. This training tip is one way to improve your striking. I have wrapped a figure -8 styled tube... read more

Great Fitness Classes for Home Schoolers

Fitness Classes for Home Schoolers   Home schooling has grown tremendously in the past few years and is continuing to grow. Research shows that homeschoolers do better on standardized testing, and stick in college longer. A recent study shows that 67% of homeschoolers... read more