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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Women’s Self-Defense POW! has been offering reality based self-defense training  for over 15 years.  The first to bring Krav Maga to the City of Chicago, Owner Katalin Ogren has consistently been dedicated to heightening awareness and safety.  All areas of... read more

Membership Details

Adult Memberships Member are customers that have a monthly program, which is different than a class card user.  Our monthly membership includes open gym training and access. All of our members receive free parking in the lot behind the Lifestorage Building (access... read more

Chicago Parisi Speed School on WGN

We were excited to have Ana Belaval from WGN Monday, March 20th.  The Parisi Speed School is not new to the world of sport performance training.  As the number 1 youth sports performance program in the US, POW! Gym is proud to be the home of the Chicago Parisi... read more

Train for POWER at West Loop Gym POW!

Power Training Gym in West Loop Our west loop gym offers a wide range of training modalities.  Owner, Katalin Ogren who opened in 2001 rotates the gym’s focus each month.  For the month of February,  POW! Gym Chicago focused on cardiovascular health in honor of... read more

Meet Parisi Athlete of the Month “Prime Time” Timmy D.

Meet “Prime Time”  Timmy D This month’s Feature Athlete is young Timothy D.  He came to us this Winter with two goals… To get more explosive and gain speed.  Timmy has the nickname “Prime Time” due to his abilities on the football field.  He plays running... read more

POW! West Loop Gym 2017 News

West Loop Gym New Group Classes changes start January 3rd, 2017                                                 Mondays Parisi Program 4:30pm Parisi Jump Start Level 2 (in addition to Jump Start 1) Youth 4:30pm Tween Thai Boxing (moved up 15 minutes) Adult 6:30pm Muay... read more

Parisi Athlete Of The Month: Meet Damon

This Month we are excited to feature one of our Total Performance athletes Damon S. Damon came to us this past fall with one desire; to build speed and train like a high level athlete. He has jumped right into the program like a sponge, soaking up every bit of... read more

Details for POW! West Loop Gym Holiday Party

    Join us this Thursday, December 15th from 6pm to 9pm for a wonderful holiday experience at our west loop gym.  To help bring more holiday cheer to everyone, we are supporting local businesses.  Join us during this evening for some holiday shopping and... read more

How Much Sleep Do we REALLY Need?

According to the Sleep Foundation, this is dependent on many variables within a person’s life.  Age is a big indicator.  Here is a brief summary of average sleep needs based on age: They go a little deeper explaining two main factors that affect an individual’s sleep... read more

Diet Soda: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

There is an ongoing debate on how much healthier diet soda is compared to it’s vilified cousin regular soda.  Personally, I never had “pop” (midwestern term for soda) in our household growing up.  When we did for a special occasion it was always the regular kind.  My... read more

West Loop Kid’s Camps at POW! Gym

POW! Gym has been located in the West Loop since 2001.  Inside our new location at 310 South Racine (1st floor) we have expanded every area of our programming.  This includes the kid’s classes, camps, birthday parties, adult boxing, muay thai, self defense and... read more

Whey vs Casein Protein

Most people do not understand the value of protein for the body. If you are consuming a protein shake to help build muscle or simply supplement your protein intake you should be aware of the type of protein you are consuming and the differences. There is an extensive,... read more