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Great Fitness Classes for Home Schoolers

Fitness Classes for Home Schoolers   Home schooling has grown tremendously in the past few years and is continuing to grow. Research shows that homeschoolers do better on standardized testing, and stick in college longer. A recent study shows that 67% of homeschoolers... read more

Discounts at POW!

POW! has always supports the law enforcement, fire department and military.  Ask us about our discounts for active law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and active military. We also provide discounts for siblings and family members. read more

New Bruce Lee film, Birth of a Dragon

Bruce Lee Film, Birth of a Dragon A new film called, Birth of a Dragon was released in theatres this weekend. It is inspired by the legendary face-off between Bruce Lee and Master Wong Jack Man in 1964. Debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, Birth of a Dragon is a... read more

Foods high in fiber are FREE calories

Fiber is a misunderstood part of our diet. It is essential for the body and in general Americans do not eat enough of it (around 40 grams a day is suggested). But do you actually know what fiber is and what it does? 1. Fiber is actually the infrastructure structure in... read more

What is a Nopal Prickley Pear

This brilliantly colorful cactus fruit is trendy in the culinary world. But as famous Chefs like Rick Bayless, Owner of Frontera Grill and Roxanne Klein and Charlie Trotters, Owner of Charlie Trotters utilize it in savory recipes, this little Mexican fruit will find... read more

5 Best Brussels Sprout Dishes in West Loop

I love Brussels sprouts. I am not sure why one day, 20 years ago I decided to give them another try. But I am glad that I did! Research has shown that I was actually born to love Brussels sprouts. A 2011 Cornwall College study revealed, that people are born with a... read more

Why don’t kids like vegetables?

As kids we are told by our parents to always eat our fruits and veggies in order for us to grow big and strong. However, not every child finds eating broccoli delicious compared to the sweetness and juiciness of a strawberry. I remember that I too hated the taste of... read more