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Fitness training for kids in Chicago, IL

One of POW!’s goals in our West Loop gym is to teach the importance of an active life. Our kids participate in structured group kids fitness classes. In order for a student to advance they must fulfill their fitness requirements. This is quite unique to POW!’s training facility.

Considering that most high schools no longer require physical education and elementary school only offers it 1-2 times a week, it is critical that young people build athletic skills and proper movement patterns. POW!’s Kids group classes in the West Loop are perfect for building confidence, losing weight, building strength, learning self discipline, keeping healthy, becoming flexible, relieving stress, and most importantly, learning how to defend yourself! Visit our Kids fitness website to see the full list of kids fitness classes and programs.


Superhero training for kids in Chicago, IL

All kids love superheroes! We offer two catagories of Superhero Training.  Our Superhero Trainign Wheels is for new movers :  18-42 months old.  This is an ongoing enrollments on Thursdays at 9:30am.  Our Superhero Training Program is an enrollment that happens in 4,6, 8 or 10 week sessions.  It is for children 3.5 to 6 years old.  In order to participate a child mush be enrolled for the entire session- NO drop ins are allowed.  This class has a curriculm that builds and focuses on building relationships with the kids.  It takes place on Sundays at 9:45am.

Superhero Training serves as a stepping stone for children between the ages of 3-5 years.  It build overall athletic skills and makes movement fun!  Beyond just jumping and leaping, we give direction to their Super physical feats and create active missions for them that heighten confidence, expand their communication skills and integrate the value of brains and brawn. We make them realize so many things make us Super and give us a happy and healthy life. The class is playful and exposes them to the best fables in the Superhero culture. The children build their own sets of powers at various points throughout the class so they can also create their own identity. An adult must remain on premises during this 50 minute class. Click here to enroll in our next session for 2016.

Visit to see a complete class description for our Superhero Training.


kids fitness classes and krav maga for kids

POW! Kids Martial Athletics will expose your child to the athletics bred by boxing drills, the explosivity inherent in tae kwon do, the discipline integral to karate, the agility of jiu jitsu and the reality training perfected by krav maga.  We use positive reinforcement and innovative fitness drills to keep children motivated.  Each tactical situation we work on is appropriately presented and instills awareness, not fear.  POW! Kids  Martial Athletics breaks training down into three general categories:

  • Martial Athletics (i.e. boxing drills, kicking techniques, ground get ups, etc..)
  • Bullyproof Strategies (i.e. how to escape being pinned up against a wall)
  • Attacker Awareness (i.e. a stranger grabs you, defend, strike, escape)


kids boxing classes

Pow’s Youth/Tween Boxing is focused on teaching boxing fundamentals and developing the child’s coordination and agility. We teach the basics of boxing including how to punch and block. However, there is much more to this class than the basic execution of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

We also teach our kids footwork, coordination, and the importance of exercise. We incorporate many conditioning drills including calisthenics, sports drills, and body weight exercises.


boxing classes for tweens

Our older teens (15 to 17yr) are carefully integrated into our regular schedule. Starting out in our smaller classes until they build their confidence and the parent/child are comfortable with adding more classes. Our Owner, Katalin evaluates each teen student on a case-by-case basis to determine the best way to integrate them into the POW training program.


kids birthday parties in the West Loop Chicago

POW! Kids offers a few birthday party themes. Our base theme is Athletic Play.  It is an ‘a la carte’ program. The fee for a birthday party is $250.00 for 2 hours of activities led by our staff for up to 12 kids. For parties larger than 12 kids there is an additional fee.

13-20 Kids, +$125
21-30 Kids +$200

We prefer parties that do not exceed 25 kids in order to present an intimate style program. The programming of the birthday party is not an open-play format like many facilities. The children attending our birthday parties are taking a class together and therefore will be interacting and instructed by a teacher to perform new movements, fabulous drills,mysterious missions or exciting obstacle course training. We offer an intimate setting for your child to play and interact with their friends.
Our other themes are an additional $65 or $99 and include:

  • Superhero Training, great for ages 3-10yrs
  • Boxing / Martial Arts, great for ages 8-14yrs
  • Speed & Agility Training,  great for ages  8-14 yrs
  • Nerf Skills & Drills, great for ages 8-14 yrs
  • Secret Agent Training, great for ages 6-10 years
  • Sports Drills/ Combine Event, great for ages 8 years+
  • Custom Theme

Our party packages include the use of the space for the party, as well as the tables, chairs (for adults), programming, set-up and clean-up. All food, beverages, paper plates, cups, utensils, decorative items are NOT included. You may order your food and snacks or bring it yourself. We encourage you to enjoy any type of cuisine or snack that reflects your budget and taste at your child’s birthday party. Our base theme is Athletic Play. It is a very active and an energizing format. It is tailored specifically to the gross motor skills of the birthday child. Our speciality themes like Superhero Training require an additional fee (+ $65).

For additional questions or scheduling call us directly at 312-829-7699 or email us at You can also click here to check out our schedule. Or, go directly to our Kids only website and see the FAQs section on birthday party click here.


boxing classes for tweens

Our judo program begins at 4 years old.  Judo was first inducted in the Olympics in 1964. It is a traditional Japanese martial art that builds confidence and discipline. It is a brilliant system and art for a child to learn. It not only exposes them to everything positive the martial arts has to offer, but gives them experience with a highly organized sport where they learn to compete as an individual, while still representing a team. It is a point based sport that holds the safety of the child in the highest regards. It teaches throwing, falling, takedowns and grappling. Classes will also include rigorous conditoning and self awareness through positive partner drills and leadership provided by Coach Max Schneider, who is part of the world renowned Cohen Brothers Olympic Judo Training Team in Illinois.