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POW! Gym Cleaning Process & Our Guidelines in Phase 4

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POW! Gym Chicago will re-open services and operations in 4 phases.  This 4 phase plan is in response to ownerships’s respect for the global pandemic and compliance with the City of Chicago Health & Fitness Guidelines, the CDC recommendations, and ultimately for the protection of our community and staff.  POW! Gym Chicago will always be guided by the mantra, ‘DO NO HARM TO OTHERS.’  This plan is a brief overview of the first phase or our approach to reopening many of POW! Gym’s programs. POW! Gym and staff is taking every precaution possible to provide a safe training experience. 


Details about accounts, billing and membership will not be covered here.  Please reach out directly to membership@powkickboxing.com.









  • All Onsite classes require pre-booking.
  • All Open gym training requires a reservation.
  • Private & semi-private, PEAK training requires reservation.
  • Walk-ins are discouraged as there is no guarantee a space is available.



  • All classes, privates and open gym must be paid for before you are allowed to make a reservation. 
  • Classes: Members can make a reservation by logging into their Mindbody account, using the POW! APP, calling the facility or emailing management.
  • Open Gym: Members can make reservations for open gym by calling the front desk or emailing management. 
  • Private Training: Members can communicate with trainers directly, however, only POW! management can confirm private sessions to finalize a booking.  You can call or email management.
  • Shared Zones: Family members, couples, roommates may book a training zone together.


  • You may cancel a reservation for an onsite class or open gym reservation up to 12 hours before with no late cancel fee.  While open gym is not allowed in the City’s current phase 3 REOPEN plan, this will be our policy once the City expands our regulations.
  • If your reservation was made using a class card, you will automatically be deducted one class for a late cancel.
  • If your reservation was made using your monthly membership, you will automatically be charged a $10 late cancel fee.
  • No mulligans will be given for late cancels.



  • You may not book any private, semi-private or PEAK without a package on your account or an active credit card to be used for the purchase of a single session.
  • You must check in at front desk upon arrival.  You will be charged upon arrival for your session. Front desk staff will let you know how many sessions are remaining on your account.
  • A 24 hour cancel policy is in place at all times.


  • Upon entering POW! for the first time, you will be required to sign a new waiver and Code of Conduct. This this includes parents/guardians.  Individuals under the age of 18 will not be permitted inside the facility unless their guardian signs the additional waiver and Code of Conduct.
  • Everyone must wear a mask or face covering upon entering facility.
  • Everyone must stop at the front desk to be properly checked in for all types of facility usage.
  • After check-in, everyone must wash their hands for 20 seconds. Follow recommended steps posted.



  • In addition to our daily cleaning routine, all POW! staff will be required to participate in frequent cleaning duties.  This includes hourly cleaning of high traffic or used zones.
  • Clients and members will be required to participate in cleaning the equipment and space used during their workout.  POW! will provide cleaning kits.
  • POW! will use an electrostatic sprayer daily.  The electrostatic sprayer will ionically charge the disinfectant solution forcing the chemical particles to statically cling to all surfaces.  This uniform application results in an even and complete 360 coverage.  The 360 coverage process ensures that less obvious areas are disinfected in addition to high traffic areas. To view our machine go to our website Blog called POW! cleaning supply list.
  • The electrostatic sprayer is being done in addition to our enhanced traditional cleaning processes like, sanitation/disinfecting of the track, floors, mats, equipment, locker rooms, benches, rails, door handles, dumbbells, fitness accessories, heavy bags, ledges, storage spaces, touch screens, computers, desks, sinks, counters and more.  
  • We will also be using a fogging atomizer machine as an additional tool for a wide-spread application of disinfectant on the track, floors, equipment and mats.
  • Barefoot training will only be allowed in the studio.  Before entering the studio barefoot, you must use the FOOT BATH provided at the entrance to disinfect your feet.



  • Everyone must wear a mask or face covering during indoor training sessions and while in the facility.
  • You must bring a clean indoor training shoe to be used in all training spaces.
  • The City of Chicago is requiring masks be worn during all forms of indoor training/fitness.
  • Barefoot training will only be allowed in the studio and the foot bath must be used by all that enter. 
  • Shoes will not be removed on the ramp. Shoes will be removed after checking in and clean indoor shoes should be put on when you arrive to the shelf or cubby used for your personal items. 
  • To your best ability, everyone must respect social distancing guidelines of 6 feet when moving about the facility.  
  • Cleaning kits will be available at the front desk and within each training space.  These items must be used to clean equipment and training space.  They must be returned after use to POW!.
  • Open gym area has been divided into several zones. Please communicate respectfully with others if you need a piece of equipment that is located in another zone; or ask a staff member to assist you.
  • In order to use cardio equipment, check with the front desk for potential reservation.
  • Classes will use ‘My Zone Cones’ to designate a safe amount of space for all training purposes.
  • Workouts will be limited to 60 minutes and may go longer if there is no reservation after your booked time. Your reservation must account for cleaning time.
  • For the safety of everyone, POW! has fewer training accessories available for use.  When using any accessory (i.e. jump rope, cable attachment, medicine ball), member will be required to clean or place in ‘USED/DIRTY EQUIPMENT BIN.’
  • Classes on the track will use ‘My Zone Cones’ to designate a safe amount of space for all training purposes.
  • Classes that take place outside will not require masks or face covering to be used, but 6-10 feet of social distancing will be required.
  • Everyone must bring their own gloves, mitts and wraps.  No house gear will be provided.
  • Everyone will be required to sanitize their own equipment.
  • The water fountains will not be available.


  • POW! will follow City of Chicago capacity guidelines of 25% with regards to social distancing to provide the utmost safety for everyone when offering all types of training sessions.
  • Use of the lounges will be very limited as they factor into the legal capacity allowed.  
  • Capacity guidelines may be different from one area to another.



  • The showers are available for use in this phase.  However, you must spray down the shower after use.
  • The hydromassage bed will not be available.
  • The community working lounge will not be available.  The lounge may be used for short-waiting periods or transition.  There is restricted capacity in these areas.  Children must be picked up within 5 minutes of their class ending.
  • Storage of bikes, scooter and strollers will not be permitted inside the facility.
  • No daily locker usage, only locker rental.

FOR SALE (POW! is a cashless business)

  • Masks and face coverings will be available for purchase.
  • Hand sanitizer, bars, shake packages and equipment are available for sale.
  • Water and other beverages will be available for purchase.

There are so many things that make POW! a special community.  We ask that all clients & customers observe the following etiquette and review of our company values

Lead By Example



  Please return to POW! with a positive attitude.



Please show kindness to others as an extension of a positive attitude to help ease those who feel slightly ‘on-guard.’



Please show patience with everyone.  The expected changes in behavior require support and consistency.



Adapting to the new guidelines will require discipline from everyone.



We must Lead By Example.  Support POW! by being responsible for yourself and follow the guidelines.  We expect all persons entering POW! to be guided by the mantra- 




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