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Fitness Classes in West Loop

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Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, and More!

Our adult strength and fitness classes at POW! take advantage of a diverse blend of training exercises to create sustainable, long-lasting results. If you're new to fitness or need a little extra guidance, our professionally-certified personal trainers will help tailor effective workout regimens to get you slimmed down, toned up, and feeling good about your fitness!


POW! Interval Training (45 minutes)
✓ Fast-paced class consisting of functional strength movements using kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, barbells, and just about every other modality we have here at POW!

POW! Strength (45 minutes)
✓ Includes functional strength training with medicine balls, sled work, barbells, kettlebells, and more.

POW! Strength & Mobility (45 minutes)

✓ Covers functional strength & mobility throughout the entirety of the class.

POW! Total Body Performance Conditioning (45 minutes)
✓ Includes functional strength training and foundations athletic movement combined with mobility through landmines, curve treadmills, medicine balls, banded work, and more.

*Most classes can accommodate individuals who are managing an injury. Make your goals vocal with our coach and feel free to arrive 15 minutes before class begins.

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Our Fitness Classes Offer A Dynamic Total-Body Workout

We're helping residents of the West Loop, Hyde Park, and Wicker Park areas create a unique and effective fitness routine that incorporates diverse and dynamic workouts. POW! GYM classes are designed for a person that wants to live an active life. Owner of POW! GYM Chicago, Katalin Rodriguez Ogren believes that everyone should train to live and perform their life better. "Achieving fitness is easy if you are training for function," says Katalin. Classes at POW! GYM Chicago in the West Loop area incorporates sleds, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and more into their training formats. Their West Loop personal trainers are great at accommodating adults with previous injuries and tailoring every workout experience to the client's capabilities.

With our fitness classes, you'll be able to:

  • Torch hundreds of calories per session
  • Create a sustainable fitness strategy for long-term success
  • Engage with a supportive community
  • Build self-confidence, self-esteem, and lifelong fitness

Or Sign Up For Personal Training To Individualize Your Fitness

Personal Training at POW! allows you to tailor each and every workout to push you closer to your goals. We're proud to offer the Chicagoans of West Loop a chance to enjoy a truly unique private training system that focuses on strength, cardio, and weight loss. Choose from four professional trainers who can work with you to optimize your results. Whether it's sports-performance drills, total-body circuit training, or taking on the fundamentals of Muay Thai, we'll help you genuinely engage with your fitness. You'll meet, achieve, and exceed your goals -- that's the POW! guarantee.

Try Personal Training with POW! and gain access to:

  • A professionally-certified trainer who will curate each of your workouts
  • One-on-one training strategies tailored specifically for your success
  • Guidance on form & technique so you can stay injury-free
  • Important nutritional information so you can get the most out of each session

Get REAL RESULTS With Fitness Classes at POW!

Whether your goal is muscle gain or weight loss, our fitness classes and personal training programs at POW! are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals. Each strength and fitness class offered at POW! GYM is different. The Staff collaborates each week to create a cohesive training plan for the week. This effort mitigates injuries and maximizes the time their members give to training. By equipping residents of West Loop, Hyde Park, and Wicker Park with every tool necessary for success, POW! is on the ground floor of engineering a healthier, fitter, and happier Chicago. 

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