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Remote Learning Support Academy

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Let POW! Gym Chicago Help Make This School Year Less Stressful 

As a parent that also had 3 kids home during the spring term in 2020, I understand the challenges families face with remote learning. Balancing work and your child's remote academic obligations can put strain on the home. I found that my home had many distractions and it was challenging to keep my children focused and get my work done. 

The POW! Private Learning Academy offers an alternative location for your child’s schooling.  Our academic advisor will serve as a guide and support system for your child through their synchronized and asynchronized learning time.  Colleen has worked in CPS for 6 years assisting many children with special needs and as a reading interventionist.  She has her Masters in School Counseling which serves as an amazing skill set to guide children during frustrating moments.  While she is not able to provide private tutoring for each child, she helps all the children with their assignments, navigating through their schedule, keeping them on task and re-explaining lessons when needed during asynchronized time.  In addition, our learning academy includes movement breaks, indoor recess, games and exercise.  Based on your child’s schedule we will provide mini PE classes and games so that your child gets screen breaks.  We believe that exercise is an important part of a child’s health.

Where is the academy held?

This program takes place in our private, enclosed 1800 square foot studio. It is equipment with WiFi, a fitness grade HVAC system and ceiling fans. Each child has a personal cubby for their non-school personal items. We have a refrigerator and two lounges for the children to eat their lunch. Lunch will be given to your child and take place onsite at the designated time provided by their school. POW! will not provide lunch. 

Details about Program Organization

POW! will not serve as a daycare. Children will only be able to be part of this program while attending online/remote learning. If your child does not have academic lessons and online assignments during a portion of their day (with the exception of their lunch break), we will not provide 'babysitting' for them. This program is specifically designed to help children become more successful with a fully developed remote and online learning experience. 

The academic supervisor (AS) will become your main point of contact once the program begins. Parents will be required to send schedule updates weekly to the academic supervisor (AS) along with all online platforms and login access. The AS will consistently walk the academic space making sure children are not 'jumping' over to youtube, games, random google searches. 

Children will be required to use the time at POW! for academic enrichment, exercise and growth at all times. If your child has completed their remote class work, they must use the remaining time reading, catching up on assignment, playing a board game or exercising.  We also welcome artistic lessons like drawing and other projects as long as they can be contained. They can not disrupt the class. 

POW! is equipped with a variety of games and workout plans for kids all ages.  Our staff will set your child up for remote P.E. and provide movement daily during their scheduled breaks.


You must pre-pay for your enrollment. You may not purchase random days. You must enroll for a specific day of the week: Monday through Thursday.  Our schedule follows the CPS calendar.  Therefore, our program will be offered only on CPS school days.  For example, we have no remote learning on Columbus Day.

If space is available, you can join the remote learning at any time.


  • Daily temperatures and health questionnaire
  • All participants will wear masks at all times (except lunch)
  • Each child will have their own table and chair which will be placed at least 6 feet from other tables.
  • An academic supervisor will be present in the room at all times.
  • Our staff will keep your child on their assigned academic schedule.
  • Children must be able to follow our Code of Conduct and follow are safety guidelines.
  • Children will arrive with their own school supplies, must have a fully charged laptop, computer charger, hand sanitizer, noise cancelling headphones, lunch, water bottle.


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1. Would you also be tutoring my child?
The goal of this program is to provide a structured environment to help your child be more successful with their remote/on-line learning. Our academic supervisor will assist with clarifying instructions and redirect your child back towards their academic obligations.  Our staff will not interrupt their live synchronized learning blocks.  However, during asynchronized or scheduled breaks, our staff will help your child with assignments so they can complete their work.

2. Would your staff teach my child lessons they do not understand during their time at POW?
Our academic supervisors will not replace your children's teacher. They will help them with material they do not underdstand.

3. What will my child do if they have finished their online work?
Children must remain in an academic cycle or transition to one of our mini-workout lessons. If they have completed their school work, they can also fill their time with other academic efforts like reading or Kahn Academy. Parents will provide us with the additional academic resources and options. Kids will not be able to play videos, roam the gym, watch tv. They will be required to behave the same as if they were in school.


1. Would my child be sitting next to other children?
Each child will have their own table. Table placement will follow all social distancing guidelines. Children will not share a table.

2. What types of safety measures will be taken?
Kids will have their temp taken upon arrival and parents will have to answer health screen questions. Everyone will wear a mask at all times. Kids will not share any items, tables and chairs. Our tables and chairs will be disinfected daily. Academic supervisor will follow the same health screen measures.

3. How will kids use the restroom?
Kids will raise their hand and check out the bathroom pass. Only one child for each bathroom will be able to use the bathroom pass at a time.

4. How many kids in each group?
We will be accepting kids from grade 2nd th to 8th. We will not exceed the City's guidelines on capacity for our private studio which is 1800SF. For example, if your child is enrolled on Mondays and Wednesdays, they will not be able to switch to another day or make up a day. Your child will be remote learning at POW! with the same group of child for the entire enrollment.


1. How would my child's day be structured?
Your child's school will dictate their schedule/teacher. Then, you would pass this on to us. Our staff will keep your child on the schedule provided by their school.

2. Will my child receive a lunch break or recess?
Yes! They will have lunch during their scheduled lunch break. We will provide them with a recess activity. This will take place when their schedule indicates it is a break. Recess time will include short physical activities.

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