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  • 5 Tips for Finding the Right Personal Trainer

    5 Tips for Finding the Right Personal Trainer

    Today, it seems like everyone is a personal trainer or life coach. There has been an increase of $2.8 billion in life coaching certifications since 2019 and the personal training industry is projected to grow 39% by 2030.One-on-one training should be tailored to your goals. However, your goals need to be realistic and the person you are working with needs to have a ‘big-picture’strategy to get you to your goals. If you are trying to make big changes in your physique you ideally need to train more than once a week. However, adding a personal trainer to a group class workout regiment is an affordable way to make your program more robust without the cost of a personal ....

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  • Easy Anti-Rotation Exercises for Youth Athletes

    Easy Anti-Rotation Exercises for Youth Athletes

    Core training has a fad-like popularity in the US. Despite the number of insta-fit mentions which is about 500+K today, core strength and mobility should be integrated into every workout. Anti-rotation exercises are being featured everywhere. If you work with athletes, anti-rotation movements must be incorporated into all training sessions. Anti-rotation exercises can greatly improve the ability to accelerate and decelerate through multiple directions . Whether you are a baseball player or a swimmer, it is important to include performance movement with the appropriate resistance in an omni-planar fashion. These exercises will enhance power, reduce injury and core strength. Here ....

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  • Strength & Speed for Baseball Players

    Strength & Speed for Baseball Players

    Jim Palmer, played 19 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles. He made his major league player debut at 19 years in 1965. After one year in rotation, the Orioles won the World Series. As a young player, Palmer would finish his season and then go back to his other day job- folding clothes! In the late 1990s, baseball player salaries started to increase. In 2012, the average major league salary was just over $3.2 million, today it is $4.9 million.This increase in salary for baseball players has motivated them to become an all-year round athlete. Even though the season comes to an end, training should not! Baseball is a sport that is known for long-standing traditions and I believe is partly ....

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  • Speed & Jump Training for Basketball Players

    Basketball is a game of inches. Like all sports, speed kills , and faster is better! Speed matters when playing defense and offense. Players with more speed are simply able to make more plays... so maybe it is time to do something about that! No matter how high of a level you play, speed and jump mechanics matter. As a basketball player continues at higher and higher levels, it becomes evident the having amazing fundamentals can make a huge difference when you don't play your best game. A faster player coming off a screen, is more likely to hit that 3 over the outstretched hands of a defender. A faster player running the floor, is more likely to get that transition layup or ....

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  • Anti-Rotation Exercises for. Youth Athletes

    Anti-rotation exercises prevent the spine from rotation or twisting, which is especially important for your lower back. Whether your athlete is a rotation based athlete or not, core trainingshould include anti-rotation and rotation based exercises. Core muscles are supposed to brace your spine for stability. The core needs to be trained in multiple ranges of motions and anti-motion. The t horacic spine (middle of your spine) needs to be trained for mobility as it should allow for up to 70 degrees of rotation or 6 to 9 degrees per segment. This video gives you several exercises for anti-rotation. These movements are great for youth athletes. At the end of hte video you ....

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  • In-Season Training, an evidence-based breakdown

    In-Season Training, an evidence-based breakdown

    In-season training. I just lost the attention of the majority of high school coaches (and unfortunately some college ones). But why ? It's simple really, most people don’t trust things they don’t understand fully and most coaches are knowledgeable in their respective sports, but lack some strength and conditioning knowledge. So let’s break it down. Before you (and rightfully so at this point) disregard this with a “who is this guy”, I figure I should introduce myself. I spent two years as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach as well as an additional 5 years coaching privately. In that time frame, teams I have coached have won 19 conference ....

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  • The Value of Sparta Science Force Plate Scan

    The Value of Sparta Science Force Plate Scan

    What is a force plate? A force plate is a device used to measure the forces exerted on the ground by human body. Sparta’s force plate software is used to quickly predict, diagnose and prescribe personalized plans that reduce physical limitations and improve injury resilience. How do we use this information? Gives a holistic view of performance. We transform the data into actionable insights to improve how an athlete should adjust training to maximize performance and address vulnerabilities. Utilize the force plate data along with an athlete’s play history to guide a train smarter for an honest injury mitigation strategy. Call us to book your ....

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  • The Importance of Skipping for Speed

    The Importance of Skipping for Speed

    Skipping is a speed training basic. There are several different types of skips. While many children have the benefit of enjoying a relaxed, social skip across the playground, there are many performance based skips we use for speed development. When learning performance based skips Parisi Speed School coaches are focused on proper ground contact, contralateral movements and core stiffness. Here is a look at skipping progressions. ....

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  • Speed Basics All Athletes Should Train

    Speed Basics All Athletes Should Train

    Speed development is grounded in training speed mechanics. The Parisi Speed School emphasizes speed mechanics and the appropriate applications for all athletes regardless of level. While we do not teach an 8 year old athlete the exact same as a 16 year old, they given the same foundation. and quickness, it is imperative that athletes have the proper mechanics. Without the proper mechanics, athletes will not be able to maximize their athletic potential and could have a greater risk for injury. The “A March ”, “A Skip,” and “A Run" are great examples of mechanics that remain relevant for an athlete's career. ....

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  • Avoiding IT Band Injuries

    Explosive punching, kicking and footwork drills are staples for mixed martial artists and combat sports athletes. The nature of this type of training combined with boxing, performance and plyometrics training, places tremendous strain on the hamstrings, adductors (inner thighs), gluts (outer hip) and the IT band. To avoid tightness and stiffness in these areas most fighters part-take in the conventional stretches like straight leg hamstring stretch on the back, figure four stretch on their back center and center splits. However, these stretches do not address the tightening that occurs in the IT Band. What is the IT Band? The iliotibial band (IT) runs on the lateral portion ....

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  • Owner, Katalin Rodriguez Ogren of POW! Gym Chicago - Her Story

    Owner of POW! GYM Chicago credits her mother for supporting her unusual interest in the martial arts as a kid. A native Chicagoan who grew up on Chicago and Wells Ave. in her father’s photo/art studio. She was raised in a creative environment provided by an artistic father and brilliant mother, a Cuban exile. For over the 22+ POW! has grown and influenced both the adult and youth fitness industry. Currently, POW! offers 3 division of training: 1.) adult combat sports, strength and performance training, 2.) youth boxing, muay thai and fitness & 3.) the Parisi Speed School of Chicago. Katalin has developed a unique pedigree that represents accomplishments in the martial arts ....

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  • Amazing Camps for 1st through 3rd Graders

    Amazing Camps for 1st through 3rd Graders

    POW! camps are active, structured, and fun! Many of them are theme-based and age/grade specific. Weather permitting, camps will also include plenty of outdoor time. We visit the SKinner Park, Whitney Young campus and Sheridan Park. Our rising 1st through 3rd grade campers get a variety of programming that reflects POW!'s signature values. They will receive 2 workout classes a day. In addition to our structured classes, they participate in active games like kickboxing, tag and gaga ball. Our camp does not allow the kids to use their technology between 9:00am and 3:30pm. However, we often incorporate fun dance interactive games using technology. Our energetic campers also enjoy art class and ....

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  • Becoming More Coachable, Means you are More Recruitable- 5 Tips for Athletes

    Becoming More Coachable, Means you are More Recruitable- 5 Tips for Athletes

    The 2019 NCSA State of Recruiting Report , reveals that college coaches want more than the best high school athletes. They surveyed college athletic coaches about recruiting and identified key trends in the recruitment process. These coaches were asked to rank the following qualities: -character -athletic ability -academics -location Check out their results. Click here to read NSCA entire article. Athletes should be paying attention to the fact that 35% percent of college coaches ranked character first. This means an athlete’s coachability is a key variable in recruitability. The Parisi Speed School is different from other speed programs for many ....

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  • What does it take to get faster? High Level Speed Training

    What does it take to get faster? High Level Speed Training

    If you want to become a better athlete you need to balance out your sport skill development with improving your speed, strength and mobility. The skill of balance is an ongoing discussion in the sports performance industry. Chicago Parisi coaches are committed to helping an athlete understand the value of balance within their live. The first goal we have is building confidence in an athlete. Once we build self-esteem and an athlete is comfortable in our classes or training sessions they are then ready to learn. Speed training is more complicated than running ladder drills. Our coaches are implementing the Parisi Speed School curriculum. It is a result driven speed and ....

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  • Performance Training for Adults

    Performance Training for Adults

    Performance training is not just for youth athletes. Performance training modules offer an amazing opportunity for adult to improve their overall athleticism. Adults will benefit from improving their sprinting mechanics, jumping, landing, omniplanar movements and joint mobility. Our classes provide a wide range of regressions and progressions. We offer support to our clients and members ot make adjustments to our program. Take a look one of our early morning sessions. ....

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  • Chicago Muay Thai Training - A West Loop Gem

    Chicago Muay Thai Training - A West Loop Gem

    Muay Thai, translates to “Thai Boxing” and is the national sport of Thailand. The roots of this martial art originates from the military dating back to about the 13th century during the time of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Muay Thai is known as the “Art of 8 limbs.” Training in muay thai uses 8 points of contact namely, punches, elbows, knees and kicks. This differs it from other stand-up combat sports such as boxing (2 points - fists) and karate (4 points - fists and feet). Today, Muay Thai is practised and competed not only in Thailand, but also all around the world. The program at POW! welcomes all levels. Almost all our muay thai students participate in our ....

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  • Chicago Parisi  - Designing Team Training Strength Programs

    Chicago Parisi - Designing Team Training Strength Programs

    Parisi Speed School has been training teams with great success for over 25 years. Our methodology has helped coaches and teams from all sports improve their game, increase their record, and win the big one! Using many of the same techniques our founder used to train professional teams, as well as prepare aspiring athletes for the combine, we can help your team benefit from his proven success. ....

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  • Great Med Ball Drill for Athletic Performance

    Great Med Ball Drill for Athletic Performance

    Even if you have access to every training tool made to man, med ball work offers tremendous versatility for all athletes and fitness clients. If you are a creative coach you should be able to build med ball work into any athlete's routine. Medicine balls are timeless and have been around for over 100 years. In the video attached, the goal is to change the speed at which the ball is thrown. I find that people tend to use med balls that are too heavy for the movement pattern. I prefer to see an athlete move a lighter ball faster with a highly technical movement pattern. ....

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  • Exercises to Assist with Proper Leg Fold for Speed Training

    Exercises to Assist with Proper Leg Fold for Speed Training

    Properly folding the leg to maximize your speed is relevant not only for linear sprints, but also lateral based movements. It is not uncommon that an athlete possess a well developed leg fold, with clean thigh drive when sprinting forward, but lacks it when doing multi-directional speed work. The Parisi Speed School curriculum is systematic in teaching speed mechanics. The video shows an athlete practicing a few different leg fold drills. These will always our non-negotiables like dorsiflexion. I picked these 3 exercises because are also suited the athlete's mechanics needs or as I refer to as 'technical reminders.' Even at the college level, athletes should return to the fundamentals of ....

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  • West Loop Summer Camps 2023

    West Loop Summer Camps 2023

    -Chicago Summer Camps 2023!- POW! camps are active, structured, and fun! Many of them are theme-based and age/grade specific. Weather permitting, camps will also include plenty of outdoor time. By offering a variety of programming that reflects POW!'s signature values, we're proud to create lasting memories for our campers and offer children all across the West Loop, Wicker Park, Pilsen, West Town, and beyond a place to stay active during the summer POW! camps are small in size. Our larger camps only allow 20 kids in a group, to maintain structure. Campers participate in several training classes each day regardless of the theme. Camp days will include a combination of ....

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    SUMMER TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FOR TEEN & COLLEGE ATHLETES Parisi Peak Performance Academies are an opportunity for your athlete to participate in an intensive training clinic. Clinics are specific to a topic. Here are this summer's training topics: Speed Training & Injury Mitigation Performance Training & Mobility Jump Training & Injury Mitigation Strength Training Fundamentals & Weight Room Etiquette It is $99.00 per athlete. Academies are between 2 and 6 athletes. A minimum of 2 athletes must be enrolled. EARLY BIRD PRICING DOES NOT APPLY. Training sessions are between 9am and 12pm. Dates to be announced soon. Or, book your own ....

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  • The Value of the Sparta Science Force Plate Scan

    The Value of the Sparta Science Force Plate Scan

    The Sparta Science Force Plates are Back at POW! GYM the Home of the Parisi Speed School of Chicago! The Sparta Science force plates are available all of December (2022) for athletes and fitness clients. In order to receive a scan, you must prebook and register. The scans allows us to optimize health and performance for athletes and fitness clients. These scan process is fast between 5-10 minutes in length. Sparta Scans use force plate hardware and AI, as well as machine learning software to provide the most insightful look at an athlete's injury resilience. It will also provide data-driven exercise prescriptions that increase resilience, minimize injury risk and speed ....

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  • Return to Play Exercises for ACL/MCL & Ankle Injuries

    Return to Play Exercises for ACL/MCL & Ankle Injuries

    Have you injured your knee or ankle? Here are 3 exercises that help create injury resilience. Most athletes will experience some type of injury in their career. Parisi Speed School athletes are exposed to a wide range of injury resilience exercises. While a knee and ankle injury are different, these three exercises are great for strengthening both and improving overall stability. We all know that once injured in one area, surrounding joints, muscle and connective tissue will compensate. I like these 3 exercises because they address the need for reactive strength in the ankle and knee. These are excellent as return to play exercises for athletes that have been released from physical ....

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  • 3 Exercises to Learn Push Ups

    3 Exercises to Learn Push Ups

    Do you have a client or athlete that still struggles with push ups? Here are 3 exercises you can add to their program to build strength and movement literacy for the push up. It is common for youth athletes to "lose their push up" as they mature into their teen years. While technically, if you continue to do push ups almost every day you will not lose the ability to do them. I am a full time coach who works with all different levels and types of athletes including adults. When an athlete begins playing at the high school level, it is common that they spend most of their training time at practices after school. This time is rarely dedicated to performance training. ....

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  • POW! GYM Self Defense Experts

    POW! GYM Self Defense Experts

    Since 2001, POW! GYM Chicago has been offering self defense and combat training classes. As a woman-owned business, Owner-operator Katalin Rodriguez Ogren has always been able to make woman and men feel comfortable learning how to fight back. "When you are attacked, you are in a real fight," says Rodriguez Ogren. POW! GYM was the first to bring Krav Maga to the city of Chicago when she first opened. Krav Maga is a reality based self defense.It focuses on applying combatives, like elbows, knees, kicks, strikes to application based self defense. Today, there are several places throughout Chicago-land that teach krav maga, but Rodriguez Ogren warns new students, " make sure the place you ....

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    You do not have to be a professional martial artist to be concerned with injuries interfering with kicking and punching skills. As with many other athletes, incurring sport injuries is detrimental to improving martial arts techniques and overall forms and fighting skills. Many professional martial artists will tell you that their injuries are sport specific – related to the repetitive movements specific to the sport of martial arts. Learning to identify the symptoms of many common injuries can help prevent minor injuries from escalating to a severe or chronic state. I will share with you a breakdown of some of these common injuries. I’m first going to cover upper extremity ....

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  • Sled Drags are as Important as the Push

    Sled Drags are as Important as the Push

    The coaches at the Chicago Parisi Speed School understand the biomechanics of speed. Hip extension is a critical part of speed development and reinforces the mechanics needed to maximize speed development. Our coaches insert a wide variety of exercises into our classes. Every movement we include has a strategic purpose. Sprint speed comes from primarily three joint actions: ankle extension, hip flexion, and hip extension. Sled pushes are very popular in the fitness and performance training world. Their value is in achieving hip extension. While this is not easy, athletes need to focus on fully extending each stride. Sled pushes are also amazing for building work capacity. ....

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  • Adult Combat Class Descriptions

    Adult Combat Class Descriptions

    Boxing Level 1 classes are FUN FOR EVERYONE - from "First-Timer's" coming for fitness and confidence, to Combat Sport Athletes breaking a sweat while refining techniques. This class is highly encouraged for all levels because it will focus on technical boxing skill sets. This is valuable for new boxers or novices, but also allows more experience practitioners to hone in on deficits within their foundation. Class will utilize mitts, but bag drills may be incorporated. New students will be given the opportunity to learn how to hold and hit mitts. Our goal is to build everyone into a competent mitt holder and our student body and staff will always have the patience to build ....

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  • Class Descriptions for the Youth Boxing & Muay Thai Classes

    Class Descriptions for the Youth Boxing & Muay Thai Classes

    Spring Youth Combat Classes- Descriptions Youth Boxing Level 1 classes are FUN FOR EVERYONE - from "First-Timer's” to more experienced youth boxers. This class is required for all ages, regardless of their experience level. This class will focus on technical boxing skill sets. Class will utilize mitts only for more experienced students and focus on technical drills and bag work.You can expect a wide range of performance, conditioning and fitness training drills. Gear Needed:Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps Contact Level: This is a No Contact class. Code of Conduct: If students are disruptive or unable to follow the class format they will be ....

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  • POW! & Parisi Speed School 2022 Summer Camp Schedule

    POW! & Parisi Speed School 2022 Summer Camp Schedule

    Summer Camp -2022 Overview Only taking email or phone reservations.312.829.7699 POW! camps are active, structured and fun! Many of them are theme-based and age / grade specific. Weather permitting, camps will also include plenty of outdoor time. By offering a variety of programming that reflects POW!'s signature values, we're proud to create lasting memories for our campers and offer children all across the West Loop, Wicker Park, Pilsen, West Town and beyond a place to stay active during the summer! POW! camps are active and include several training classes regardless of the theme. Camp days will include board games, dance parties, art, scavenger hunts and more. Parents need ....

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  • Remote Learning Support Academy

    Let POW! Gym Chicago Help Make This School Year Less Stressful As a parent that also had 3 kids home during the spring term in 2020, I understand the challenges families face with remote learning. Balancing work and your child's remote academic obligations can put strain on the home. I found that my home had many distractions and it was challenging to keep my children focused and get my work done. The POW! Private Learning Academy offers an alternative location for your child’s schooling. Our academic advisor will serve as a guide and support system for your child through their synchronized and asynchronized learning time. Colleen has worked in CPS for 6 years assisting many ....

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  • Outdoor Classes are Back!

    Outdoor Classes are Back!

    POW! is continuing to adapt to guidelines. It feels like each week we are making another change to become complaint with the City's guidelines while still giving our members the best programming and training experience. Any class marked on the schedule as 'outdoor,' will take place in The POW!' YARD. These classes will run the same as before. Clients will be able to walk into POW! use the restroom, wash their hands and grab the equipment needed for their workout. Additionally, those who prefer to be inside working out can do so. Our coaches will adapt to everyone giving you several options to make sure you are comfortable. If the weather does not support an outdoor workout, classes will ....

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  • POW! Gym Continues to Lead , #GymsAreSafe

    POW! Gym Chicago is a member of the Illinois Fitness Alliance. Owner, Katalin Rodriguez Ogren sits on the Board of Directors for IFA. POW! pledges to comply with the Business Reopening rules of Chicago to help minimize the transmission of COVID-19. One role of the IFA is to help curate reliable research and content to help educate our community. Here are a few new statistics that demonstrate that the fitness industry is self-monitoring. There is no evidence that health and fitness facilities are contributing to the spread
    of COVID-19 differently than other businesses that continue to operate. Health clubs across the country have implemented some of the ....

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  • Safety & Cleaning Measures for Striking Classes

    POW! Gym since 2001 has offered the best striking classes. With excitement, POW! has brought back boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai classes. Now in phase 4 for the City of Chicago, we are able to offer smaller classes that feature our amazing combat sports formats. Here is a look at one class structure to keep you safe. ....

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  • POW! Gym Cleaning Process & Our Guidelines in Phase 4

    POW! Gym Chicago will re-open services and operations in 4 phases. This 4 phase plan is in response to ownerships’s respect for the global pandemic and compliance with the City of Chicago Health & Fitness Guidelines, the CDC recommendations, and ultimately for the protection of our community and staff. POW! Gym Chicago will always be guided by the mantra, ‘DO NO HARM TO OTHERS.’ This plan is a brief overview of the first phase or our approach to reopening many of POW! Gym’s programs. POW! Gym and staff is taking every precaution possible to provide a safe training experience. Details about accounts, billing and membership will not be covered ....

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  • Billing & Membership FAQs (Phase 4 Chicago Reopens)

    Billing & Membership FAQs (Phase 4 Chicago Reopens)

    Month to Month Memberships

    POW! will reinstate your month to month membership on July 18th, 2020 unless you email membership@powkickboxing.com asking to remain inactive.
    All pee-wee month to month and family memberships that included pee-wees will not be reactivated during this time.
    If you have already reached out to us about your month to month, please fee free to send us another email (or forward) to membership@powkickboxing.com . 3 - 6- 9 - 12 Month Memberships (Auto Pays)

    POW! will reinstate your membership on July 18th, 2020 unless you email membership@powkickboxing.com for one of these ....

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  • POW! Summer Camps Info with Changes

    POW! Summer Camps Info with Changes

    We are preparing to offer private summer camp. While our camps will change some aspects of the curriculum, we intend to create the same POW! vibe. Many of the changes we have made are to become compliant with the City of Chicago's guidelines. We are currently taking PRE-REGISTRATION. Because our capacity will be limited, spots will be given in the order they are received. We will waitlist kids. Contact us directly to get pre-registered: Lizzie@powkickboxing.com.
    All registrations will be done through our administrators. We are not taking any online registrations. Some changes to expect:
    Slightly shorter day - 8:30am to 3:30pm / lounges will not be able to be open
    Limited ....

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  • POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Outdoor Training

    POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Outdoor Training

    We are excited to offer outdoor training classes. Our schedule is being posted 1 week at a time. Participants must cancel 12 hours before booking. If you late cancel, you will lose a click off your class card or be charged a $10 late cancel fee if you are using your all access membership. Everyone must pre-register for these classes. No walk-ins are allowed. Classes all meet at POW. Everyone returning to POW! will need to fill out a new waiver and read our Code of Conduct. POW! has built an outdoor space behind the facility. Some of our training classes will take place in that location. POW! has also secured other training locations for classes. These locations will be announced the day ....

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  • POW! Gym is a Place of Diversity

    DIVERSITY STATEMENT POW! Gym Chicago is a place where we lead by example. We expect all members of the POW! team to follow in suit. This leadership is inclusive, professional, kind, inspiring and respectful. We cherish our customers who come from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of ages. We are proud to be a place of inclusion where people from all walks of life work, yet have the same passion to help others be healthier and make their visit to POW! the best part of their day. We hire skilled and talented people from a variety of backgrounds which makes our company stronger. We hire those who believe in the values and mission of POW! regardless of their race, color, sex, ....

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  • POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Indoor One-on-One Sessions

    POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Indoor One-on-One Sessions

    The City of Chicago has not made it clear when we will be able to re-open for classes inside or outdoors. POW! will provide members with updates as we know them. The document attached here shows the steps expected upon returning to POW! Gym during our first phase. Members chose a method of booking or reserving their time/class to train. All forms of training including : privates, open gym, classes indoor, classes outdoor will require a reservation. This process will allow us to make adjustments to the capacity limitations set forth my the City. ....

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  • West Loop Summer Camps 2020  at POW! Gym

    West Loop Summer Camps 2020 at POW! Gym

    POW! GYM offers amazing camps to accommodatethe working parent.
    While structured programming begins around 9:30am, our w
    eek long camps begin at 8am and finish at 5pm. No extra fees for early drop off. Below offers our full description for each of our camps. If you are looking at designing an enriching summer for your child our camps are a perfect fit.

    Member Pricing: $350 / week Non-Member Pricing : $400/ week
    Single Days: $85/Day (can not be purchased on this link, go back menu)

    Early Bird Discount Below: Tier I: February until March 15th = 25% Off Week Long Camp ($300/wk) CODE: SUMMER25 ....

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  • Places to Go on New Year's Eve with Kids in Chicago

    Places to Go on New Year's Eve with Kids in Chicago

    Things to do with your Kids on New Years Eve in the City of Chicago
    It is challenging figuring out how to celebrate New Year’s Eve when you have younglings. Celebrating the end-of-the year does not need to be filled with endless champagne glasses and swollen feet at the end of the night.As parents, we concede that glamorous nights might be behind us and ability to make NYE plans are affected by a nap schedules and a limited taste buds. Here is a list of various ways to celebrate the day and night with children of various ages in the city of Chicago. Little Goat Diner, Reservations Needed
    Great for families with younger kids. 820 W Randolph Street, West Loop ....

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  • Safely Using Metabolic Training

    Safely Using Metabolic Training

    Metabolic training is an exercise program where you complete whole body movements or multi-joint exercises one after another. It is similar to circuit training, but the amount of rest is minimal. While many of these exercises will be familiar ones, the intensity will be higher when performed during this type of workout. The result of such a quick succession of metabolic exercises is that your metabolic rate is accelerated and your body burns calories more efficiently. Metabolic training is a highly valuable use of training time; however, it is not a modality of training that should last longer than 4-6 weeks if performed correctly. Extended weeks and months of metabolic training can result ....

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  • Join Today!

    Scroll below to check out some of POW!'s membership rates or to take advantage of an intro offer today!
    All classes and open gym usage require reservations. Contact katalin@powkickboxing.com with questions.
    -Adult Training Options- -Parisi Training Options- -Youth Training Options- ....

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    The lower extremity injuries that most martial artists come across are not necessarily unique to martial arts. They range from common tendinitis’, to a ‘pulled groin’ and ‘tweaked knees.”. In this two-part blog summarizing common injuries to martial artists I have addressed injuries to the lower extremities. I picked the common ones that I run across as an instructor and feel can be prevented with simple exercises. Try some of these exercises as part of your training. Give yourself 10 minutes to explore them and make them part of your routine. KNEE – TENDINITIS : ANTERIOR There are numerous ways in which the knee is placed under stress in the ....

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    Since 2001, POW! Gym has featured a monthly goal for its members. This month we are focused on nutrition. If diet is guided by your habits, then I challenge everyone to try building or changing 1-3 habits. They say it takes 28 days to form a new habit. The goal in May is to choose what nutritional habit you really want to add or change. Following a healthy diet doesn’t have to be complicated. While some specific foods or diets gain media support and become trendy, it’s your overall, long-term dietary pattern that is most important. While anyone could design a weight loss diet, it will likely be a short term solution and fail in providing you with balance and control ....

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    ANKLE SPRAIN The ankle sprain is a common injury in all sports. For martial artists , it is commonly acquired while sparring or during calisthenics. A sprain indicates that there are small tears in the ligaments surrounding the ankle wall. Usually the sprain comes from ‘rolling the ankle’ or causing the ankle to invert (inward roll). Because this type of injury is so common, it is important to strengthen the ankle regularly. This could prevent a sprain or an ankle roll from occurring at the grade II or III level (see below). The lack of supportive footwear in martial arts training places the martial artist’s ankle in a susceptible position. IDENTIFICATION The ....

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  • West Loop Summer Camps 2019

    West Loop Summer Camps 2019

    POW! Kids offer the most unique active camps in the city of Chicago. POW! Gym is located in the West Loop at 310 S Racine, It’s location provides for easy drop off and pickups. Camps can be purchased one week at a time or single days. Our camps are active and structured. We program the day with various fitness classes, skill classes (i.e. boxing, tumbling), art and games. We include outdoor time and even movies. Our campers will also participate in a walking field trip once a week. We are a technology-free camp. Kids may use their devices before 9am and after 4pm. We encourage kids to bring books to read since many of them request quiet time throughout the day. We offer ....

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