Robbie Cole | Head Muay Thai/Boxing Coach, Trainer

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Robbie Cole

Robbie Cole is from Birmingham, England. When training in one of Robbie’s classes you are likely to enjoy his whimsical sense of humor as much as his workouts. He is the quintessential English gent. The combat sports has always been a part of his life since childhood. His father was boxer in England and from the moment he laid eyes on the sport he was hooked.

He began his career as a fighter at the young age of 7 when he began training at a local Shotokan school. His first fight was at 10 against a boxer and he lost badly. That’s when he decided to switch gears and train in boxing. After 3 years of boxing, a Muay Thai school opened in a community church hall. After training for a few years in Muay Thai, he had his first amateur fight and received the 1st Place trophy for the School Boy Championship.

Robbie’s amateur career started out a little slow. He lost his first 11 fights and was aptly nicknamed “Canvas Cole” because he spent most of his time there. Soon he was winning fights consistently, but his nickname stuck since he was sending his opponents to the canvas. In the ring, Robbie was known for his ability to take a beating and keep coming back, outlasting many of his opponents.

Robbie turned pro at age 25 and went on to win the “All Area Title” and the “English Title” before retiring at the age of 29. Since retiring he has dedicated his time to coaching amateur fighters and teaching enthusiastic students in the Art of Muay Thai. He has had 20 different fighters on his Muay Thai Team. They have won 5 Championship belts in the past 3 years. He is a huge supporter of the Chicago Muay Thai community and welcomes even a beginner to learn the fundamentals of sparring in a safe and encouraging environment.

Robbie’s classes are high energy and his positive energy is contagious. After a class with our local Englishman you feel fulfilled and motivated to return. Robbie integrates fabulous kicking drills into his classes and is also one of our resident instructors for kids.

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