Susan Shen | Coach, Trainer, Sports Psychologist

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Susan Shen

Susan has been with POW! Gym since we opened our door back in 2001. She took a trial class on a whim and has been with us ever since. Susan had limited experience with fitness when first started. While during her training at POW!, she fell in love with Boxing, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu. Through training, Susan began to discover her passion for body movements, and eventually becoming a certified trainer herself. Over the years, her passion has led her from mixed martial arts to other disciplines such as Muay Thai, Yoga, Aerial Arts, Climbing, Dance movements, etc., just to name a few. Furthermore, her wide exposure to various movements fuels her belief in the importance of the mind-body connection.

Recently, Susan's movement focus has shifted towards dynamic body movements based in adult gymnastics, seeking to balance strength with mobility for a more holistic approach to physical fitness.

Grow the mind, grow the body; grow the body and grow the mind.

Susan is a creative artist by trade. She graduated from UIC with a degree in Graphic Design and was an Art Director before she embarked on her second career as a fitness instructor. Over the years, she continues to expand her training knowledge both physically and mentally. Susan is certified in Group Fitness, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai Fitness, Kettlebell Strength, Core Specialist, Power Yoga and Dance Movement. Furthermore, her passion for the mind and body connection inspired her to seek out in the academic arena and earned herself a Master Degree in Sports, Exercise & Health Psychology from Adler University. Her love for movement is powered by her intuition in conjunction with scientific research. Today, Susan continues her growth with nutritional certification and body movements that promote mobility and injury prevention.

Susan is an avid superhero and star trek fan. Some of her favorite superheroes are, Spider-man, Batman, Wonder Woman, and X-men, to name a few. Susan also loves Cat-woman, as she believes sometimes it's healthy to live by our own rules (as long as no one else gets hurt in the process). Also, Susan proudly admits she is a "Trekkie", Captain Jean-Luc Picard is one of her favorite star trek character of all time.

When Susan was a little girl, her dream was to be a ballerina. She loved dancing in her tutus while watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire twirling around on the silver screen. Today she finds "dance" in her dynamic body movements as she continues to discover the infinite possibilities her body has to offer.

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