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June 2017

In order to be an athlete your time must encompass three categories of movement:

Category 1:

Training- the pursuit of better skills. Whether you are a tri-athlete, cross fitter, volleyball player or fighter – you must dedicate time to improving your craft. Training is done to improve your mechanical work helping you to become a superior technician in your sport. Training to improve your skills is physically demanding on the body, but it is different than working out.

Category 2:

Working Out/ Exercise Programming – the pursuit of improving your overall fitness level and conditioning not exclusive to, including strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, joint stability and power. It requires your time to be spent efficiently and the program design must be smart and focused on gains.

Category 3:

Recovery / Mitigation of Injuries –the right of amount of time to rest, but also incorporating the correct balance of recovery movements, therapy and treatments. This can include time spent improving flexibility, joint mobility, building healthy joints, improving propioception (balance), foam rolling, massage, cryo-therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc..

What is a Metabolic Fingerprint?

A metabolic fingerprint can be discovered by getting the Method CRA-Test® done. CRA-Testing® determines when oxygen is present and how it is being utilized in the cell. This determination determines the fuel source being utilized by the body (i.e. fat, glucose, protein). This information determines your unique heart rate ranges for developing specific energy systems. The outcome of getting the CRA-Test® are your unique heart rate ranges that tell you where your body burns the most amount of fat (oxidation), where it is using carbs (glycolysis) and at what specific heart rate you begin using your muscle as a fuel source phosphagen.

5 Reasons Every Athlete Needs Their Metabolic Fingerprint

  1. Become an athlete that represents the future of your sport, not the past. The Karvonen Formula is simply wrong.   Stop using it. Truth is, your heart rate monitor is sort of a waste of time if you do not know what the numbers actually mean.
  2. Maximize your performance gains. Learning your unique heart rate ranges will provide tremendous power over your workout goals. By having your metabolic fingerprint you will be able to quantify your exercise, instead of guesstimating your programming.
  3. Your metabolic fingerprint gives your exact heart rate range for the various energy systems in your body. This will tell you where your body burns the most fat, uses carbohydrates and when it taps into your muscle as a fuel source (oxidation/ glycolosis/ phosphagen system). This information allows you to control which energy system you are training on any given day.
  4. If time is money, then working out smarter, not harder will make you money. The goal of the CRA-Test® is to determine your metabolic fingerprint to make every minute working out super productive. This will also allow you to maximize recovery time when training and in-between workouts. The goal of dialing in your recovery intervals and days is to help mitigate injuries and enhance performance.
  5. When you use your metabolic fingerprint ranges, you can develop and prescribe exercise routines based on the precise range for each phase of your training

For information about this test you can read a story on  If you are looking to get this test done, POW! Gym Chicago (312-829-7699, Katalin@powkickboxing,com) now offers this service.  You do not need to be a member.  POW! encourages anyone to come and get the test done.  We are dedicated to sharing the amazing test.  POW! is also offering this service off-site to other facilities.