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  • Great Med Ball Drill for Athletic Performance

    Great Med Ball Drill for Athletic Performance

    Even if you have access to every training tool made to man, med ball work offers tremendous versatility for all athletes and fitness clients. If you are a creative coach you should be able to build med ball work into any athlete's routine. Medicine balls are timeless and have been around for over 100 years. In the video attached, the goal is to change the speed at which the ball is thrown. I find that people tend to use med balls that are too heavy for the movement pattern. I prefer to see an athlete move a lighter ball faster with a highly technical movement pattern. ....

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  • Exercises to Assist with Proper Leg Fold for Speed Training

    Exercises to Assist with Proper Leg Fold for Speed Training

    Properly folding the leg to maximize your speed is relevant not only for linear sprints, but also lateral based movements. It is not uncommon that an athlete possess a well developed leg fold, with clean thigh drive when sprinting forward, but lacks it when doing multi-directional speed work. The Parisi Speed School curriculum is systematic in teaching speed mechanics. The video shows an athlete practicing a few different leg fold drills. These will always our non-negotiables like dorsiflexion. I picked these 3 exercises because are also suited the athlete's mechanics needs or as I refer to as 'technical reminders.' Even at the college level, athletes should return to the fundamentals of ....

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  • West Loop Summer Camps 2023

    West Loop Summer Camps 2023

    -Chicago Summer Camps 2023!- POW! camps are active, structured, and fun! Many of them are theme-based and age/grade specific. Weather permitting, camps will also include plenty of outdoor time. By offering a variety of programming that reflects POW!'s signature values, we're proud to create lasting memories for our campers and offer children all across the West Loop, Wicker Park, Pilsen, West Town, and beyond a place to stay active during the summer POW! camps are small in size. Our larger camps only allow 20 kids in a group, to maintain structure. Campers participate in several training classes each day regardless of the theme. Camp days will include a combination of ....

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    SUMMER TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FOR TEEN & COLLEGE ATHLETES Parisi Peak Performance Academies are an opportunity for your athlete to participate in an intensive training clinic. Clinics are specific to a topic. Here are this summer's training topics: Speed Training & Injury Mitigation Performance Training & Mobility Jump Training & Injury Mitigation Strength Training Fundamentals & Weight Room Etiquette It is $99.00 per athlete. Academies are between 2 and 6 athletes. A minimum of 2 athletes must be enrolled. EARLY BIRD PRICING DOES NOT APPLY. Training sessions are between 9am and 12pm. Dates to be announced soon. Or, book your own ....

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  • The Value of the Sparta Science Force Plate Scan

    The Value of the Sparta Science Force Plate Scan

    The Sparta Science Force Plates are Back at POW! GYM the Home of the Parisi Speed School of Chicago! The Sparta Science force plates are available all of December (2022) for athletes and fitness clients. In order to receive a scan, you must prebook and register. The scans allows us to optimize health and performance for athletes and fitness clients. These scan process is fast between 5-10 minutes in length. Sparta Scans use force plate hardware and AI, as well as machine learning software to provide the most insightful look at an athlete's injury resilience. It will also provide data-driven exercise prescriptions that increase resilience, minimize injury risk and speed ....

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  • Return to Play Exercises for ACL/MCL & Ankle Injuries

    Return to Play Exercises for ACL/MCL & Ankle Injuries

    Have you injured your knee or ankle? Here are 3 exercises that help create injury resilience. Most athletes will experience some type of injury in their career. Parisi Speed School athletes are exposed to a wide range of injury resilience exercises. While a knee and ankle injury are different, these three exercises are great for strengthening both and improving overall stability. We all know that once injured in one area, surrounding joints, muscle and connective tissue will compensate. I like these 3 exercises because they address the need for reactive strength in the ankle and knee. These are excellent as return to play exercises for athletes that have been released from physical ....

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  • 3 Exercises to Learn Push Ups

    3 Exercises to Learn Push Ups

    Do you have a client or athlete that still struggles with push ups? Here are 3 exercises you can add to their program to build strength and movement literacy for the push up. It is common for youth athletes to "lose their push up" as they mature into their teen years. While technically, if you continue to do push ups almost every day you will not lose the ability to do them. I am a full time coach who works with all different levels and types of athletes including adults. When an athlete begins playing at the high school level, it is common that they spend most of their training time at practices after school. This time is rarely dedicated to performance training. ....

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  • POW! GYM Self Defense Experts

    POW! GYM Self Defense Experts

    Since 2001, POW! GYM Chicago has been offering self defense and combat training classes. As a woman-owned business, Owner-operator Katalin Rodriguez Ogren has always been able to make woman and men feel comfortable learning how to fight back. "When you are attacked, you are in a real fight," says Rodriguez Ogren. POW! GYM was the first to bring Krav Maga to the city of Chicago when she first opened. Krav Maga is a reality based self defense.It focuses on applying combatives, like elbows, knees, kicks, strikes to application based self defense. Today, there are several places throughout Chicago-land that teach krav maga, but Rodriguez Ogren warns new students, " make sure the place you ....

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    You do not have to be a professional martial artist to be concerned with injuries interfering with kicking and punching skills. As with many other athletes, incurring sport injuries is detrimental to improving martial arts techniques and overall forms and fighting skills. Many professional martial artists will tell you that their injuries are sport specific – related to the repetitive movements specific to the sport of martial arts. Learning to identify the symptoms of many common injuries can help prevent minor injuries from escalating to a severe or chronic state. I will share with you a breakdown of some of these common injuries. I’m first going to cover upper extremity ....

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  • Sled Drags are as Important as the Push

    Sled Drags are as Important as the Push

    The coaches at the Chicago Parisi Speed School understand the biomechanics of speed. Hip extension is a critical part of speed development and reinforces the mechanics needed to maximize speed development. Our coaches insert a wide variety of exercises into our classes. Every movement we include has a strategic purpose. Sprint speed comes from primarily three joint actions: ankle extension, hip flexion, and hip extension. Sled pushes are very popular in the fitness and performance training world. Their value is in achieving hip extension. While this is not easy, athletes need to focus on fully extending each stride. Sled pushes are also amazing for building work capacity. ....

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