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  • Safety & Cleaning Measures for Striking Classes

    POW! Gym since 2001 has offered the best striking classes. With excitement, POW! has brought back boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai classes. Now in phase 4 for the City of Chicago, we are able to offer smaller classes that feature our amazing combat sports formats. Here is a look at one class structure to keep you safe. ....

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  • POW! Gym Cleaning Process & Our Guidelines in Phase 4

    POW! Gym Chicago will re-open services and operations in 4 phases. This 4 phase plan is in response to ownerships’s respect for the global pandemic and compliance with the City of Chicago Health & Fitness Guidelines, the CDC recommendations, and ultimately for the protection of our community and staff. POW! Gym Chicago will always be guided by the mantra, ‘DO NO HARM TO OTHERS.’ This plan is a brief overview of the first phase or our approach to reopening many of POW! Gym’s programs. POW! Gym and staff is taking every precaution possible to provide a safe training experience. Details about accounts, billing and membership will not be covered ....

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  • Billing & Membership FAQs (Phase 4 Chicago Reopens)

    Billing & Membership FAQs (Phase 4 Chicago Reopens)

    Month to Month Memberships

    POW! will reinstate your month to month membership on July 18th, 2020 unless you email asking to remain inactive.
    All pee-wee month to month and family memberships that included pee-wees will not be reactivated during this time.
    If you have already reached out to us about your month to month, please fee free to send us another email (or forward) to . 3 - 6- 9 - 12 Month Memberships (Auto Pays)

    POW! will reinstate your membership on July 18th, 2020 unless you email for one of these ....

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  • POW! Summer Camps Info with Changes

    POW! Summer Camps Info with Changes

    We are preparing to offer private summer camp. While our camps will change some aspects of the curriculum, we intend to create the same POW! vibe. Many of the changes we have made are to become compliant with the City of Chicago's guidelines. We are currently taking PRE-REGISTRATION. Because our capacity will be limited, spots will be given in the order they are received. We will waitlist kids. Contact us directly to get pre-registered:
    All registrations will be done through our administrators. We are not taking any online registrations. Some changes to expect:
    Slightly shorter day - 8:30am to 3:30pm / lounges will not be able to be open
    Limited ....

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  • POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Outdoor Training

    POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Outdoor Training

    We are excited to offer outdoor training classes. Our schedule is being posted 1 week at a time. Participants must cancel 12 hours before booking. If you late cancel, you will lose a click off your class card or be charged a $10 late cancel fee if you are using your all access membership. Everyone must pre-register for these classes. No walk-ins are allowed. Classes all meet at POW. Everyone returning to POW! will need to fill out a new waiver and read our Code of Conduct. POW! has built an outdoor space behind the facility. Some of our training classes will take place in that location. POW! has also secured other training locations for classes. These locations will be announced the day ....

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  • POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Indoor One-on-One Sessions

    POW! Gym Phase 1 - Process for Returning to Indoor One-on-One Sessions

    The City of Chicago has not made it clear when we will be able to re-open for classes inside or outdoors. POW! will provide members with updates as we know them. The document attached here shows the steps expected upon returning to POW! Gym during our first phase. Members chose a method of booking or reserving their time/class to train. All forms of training including : privates, open gym, classes indoor, classes outdoor will require a reservation. This process will allow us to make adjustments to the capacity limitations set forth my the City. ....

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