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  • Adult Combat Class Descriptions

    Adult Combat Class Descriptions

    Boxing Level 1 classes are FUN FOR EVERYONE - from "First-Timer's" coming for fitness and confidence, to Combat Sport Athletes breaking a sweat while refining techniques. This class is highly encouraged for all levels because it will focus on technical boxing skill sets. This is valuable for new boxers or novices, but also allows more experience practitioners to hone in on deficits within their foundation. Class will utilize mitts, but bag drills may be incorporated. New students will be given the opportunity to learn how to hold and hit mitts. Our goal is to build everyone into a competent mitt holder and our student body and staff will always have the patience to build ....

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  • Class Descriptions for the Youth Boxing & Muay Thai Classes

    Class Descriptions for the Youth Boxing & Muay Thai Classes

    Spring Youth Combat Classes- Descriptions Youth Boxing Level 1 classes are FUN FOR EVERYONE - from "First-Timer's” to more experienced youth boxers. This class is required for all ages, regardless of their experience level. This class will focus on technical boxing skill sets. Class will utilize mitts only for more experienced students and focus on technical drills and bag work.You can expect a wide range of performance, conditioning and fitness training drills. Gear Needed:Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps Contact Level: This is a No Contact class. Code of Conduct: If students are disruptive or unable to follow the class format they will be ....

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  • POW! & Parisi Speed School 2022 Summer Camp Schedule

    POW! & Parisi Speed School 2022 Summer Camp Schedule

    Summer Camp -2022 Overview Only taking email or phone reservations.312.829.7699 POW! camps are active, structured and fun! Many of them are theme-based and age / grade specific. Weather permitting, camps will also include plenty of outdoor time. By offering a variety of programming that reflects POW!'s signature values, we're proud to create lasting memories for our campers and offer children all across the West Loop, Wicker Park, Pilsen, West Town and beyond a place to stay active during the summer! POW! camps are active and include several training classes regardless of the theme. Camp days will include board games, dance parties, art, scavenger hunts and more. Parents need ....

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  • Remote Learning Support Academy

    Let POW! Gym Chicago Help Make This School Year Less Stressful As a parent that also had 3 kids home during the spring term in 2020, I understand the challenges families face with remote learning. Balancing work and your child's remote academic obligations can put strain on the home. I found that my home had many distractions and it was challenging to keep my children focused and get my work done. The POW! Private Learning Academy offers an alternative location for your child’s schooling. Our academic advisor will serve as a guide and support system for your child through their synchronized and asynchronized learning time. Colleen has worked in CPS for 6 years assisting many ....

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  • Outdoor Classes are Back!

    Outdoor Classes are Back!

    POW! is continuing to adapt to guidelines. It feels like each week we are making another change to become complaint with the City's guidelines while still giving our members the best programming and training experience. Any class marked on the schedule as 'outdoor,' will take place in The POW!' YARD. These classes will run the same as before. Clients will be able to walk into POW! use the restroom, wash their hands and grab the equipment needed for their workout. Additionally, those who prefer to be inside working out can do so. Our coaches will adapt to everyone giving you several options to make sure you are comfortable. If the weather does not support an outdoor workout, classes will ....

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  • POW! Gym Continues to Lead , #GymsAreSafe

    POW! Gym Chicago is a member of the Illinois Fitness Alliance. Owner, Katalin Rodriguez Ogren sits on the Board of Directors for IFA. POW! pledges to comply with the Business Reopening rules of Chicago to help minimize the transmission of COVID-19. One role of the IFA is to help curate reliable research and content to help educate our community. Here are a few new statistics that demonstrate that the fitness industry is self-monitoring. There is no evidence that health and fitness facilities are contributing to the spread
    of COVID-19 differently than other businesses that continue to operate. Health clubs across the country have implemented some of the ....

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  • Safety & Cleaning Measures for Striking Classes

    POW! Gym since 2001 has offered the best striking classes. With excitement, POW! has brought back boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai classes. Now in phase 4 for the City of Chicago, we are able to offer smaller classes that feature our amazing combat sports formats. Here is a look at one class structure to keep you safe. ....

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  • POW! Gym Cleaning Process & Our Guidelines in Phase 4

    POW! Gym Chicago will re-open services and operations in 4 phases. This 4 phase plan is in response to ownerships’s respect for the global pandemic and compliance with the City of Chicago Health & Fitness Guidelines, the CDC recommendations, and ultimately for the protection of our community and staff. POW! Gym Chicago will always be guided by the mantra, ‘DO NO HARM TO OTHERS.’ This plan is a brief overview of the first phase or our approach to reopening many of POW! Gym’s programs. POW! Gym and staff is taking every precaution possible to provide a safe training experience. Details about accounts, billing and membership will not be covered ....

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  • Billing & Membership FAQs (Phase 4 Chicago Reopens)

    Billing & Membership FAQs (Phase 4 Chicago Reopens)

    Month to Month Memberships

    POW! will reinstate your month to month membership on July 18th, 2020 unless you email membership@powkickboxing.com asking to remain inactive.
    All pee-wee month to month and family memberships that included pee-wees will not be reactivated during this time.
    If you have already reached out to us about your month to month, please fee free to send us another email (or forward) to membership@powkickboxing.com . 3 - 6- 9 - 12 Month Memberships (Auto Pays)

    POW! will reinstate your membership on July 18th, 2020 unless you email membership@powkickboxing.com for one of these ....

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