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July 2015

Krav Maga is becoming more and more a generic term.  But I still feel proud to be a Krav Maga instructor. More importantly I was the first Krav Maga instructor to bring this style or method of training to the city of Chicago.  The goal was to enhance self-defense skills of Chicagoans.  When I brought Krav Maga to Chicago in 2002, the city did not have the crime it does today.   2015 has been a year of tremendous violent crime.  Crime in no longer isolated in “ghetto” neighborhoods- and truthfully we need to care about ever neighborhood in our Windy City.  

One benefit of my job as the Owner of POW! is the trust I am given by people -the stories and experiences that are shared in confidence.  Although I respect when any person shares a terrible or traumatic experience with me- I do not really take any true pleasure in hearing about someone experiencing pain or fear.  However, I learn from each story I hear.

This video is one very small example of a skill worth learning if being approached from behind.  In this video, I am demonstrating 3 combatives or strikes that can be inserted into your reflexes when striking back against an attacker that has approached you from behind (and they have not yet grabbed you  in a head lock or choke). 

This is a very simplest approach to this particular attack – but I believe these basic strikes – elbows from the rear, hammer fist and turning as quickly as possible and throwing more elbows are critical close quarter strikes needed for self-defense.  When I teach this particular defense we are assuming a few things:

  1. the defender recognizes the threat before it has become an act of violence involving choke, body-locks or headlocks, so make sure you always keep your eyes open and be aware of people behind you.
  2. regardless of what you know and your martial skill, it is critical to get turned around towards the attacker and fight fro a forward facing position
  3. turn yourself around while striking, do not turn around and then think you will deescalate with conversation; there is no justification for anyone sneaking up on you.

In this drill we are using the All Strike from Quest Training carried by  Keep in mind, this is a drills that is excellent for a beginner crowd.  I did not discover this drill – but I do love it.