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February 2018

Jump Rope for Runners Jump Rope for Runners

Experts agree a great way to increase running endurance is to implement cross training into your workouts. Experts also agree that running improperly can cause long-term injuries and pain to the runner.  Jumping rope is a great way to address both of these issues. Unfortunately, jumping rope isn’t that easy when you first start , in fact it’s down right exhausting! (Mainly because most of us haven’t done it since grade school) But before you throw in the towel let’s look at the overall benefits of jumping rope for a runner or any athlete for that matter.

The most obvious benefit runner’s achieve from jumping rope is increased cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This is the main objective of any cross training.  It allows overworked muscles to rest yet challenges your cardiovascular system in a new way.  Improving your endurance in one sport, will carry over to another.  Remember that, as you are huffing and puffing, after jumping rope for 5 minutes!  Jumping rope on your off days is significantly less jarring on your body but expends about the same amount of energy. This is good news for anyone with knee or ankle issues.  It can also prevent future injuries by giving joints a much needed rest from the repetitive impact of running!

Now a lesser known benefit of jumping rope for runners is the overall improvement of their running stance and technique which not only increases endurance but prevents possible injury or pain down the road. Coordination, stability and balance are all key to running properly and efficiently. Jumping rope on a regular basis and with different foot movements will improve all of these dramatically.  Jumping rope also requires good posture and a long, straight spine.  This will carry over to your running posture and stance.  Runners never want to be hunched over or have rounded shoulders while running.  This can lead to back and neck pain and suboptimal running performance.

So, if you like to run and want to increase your endurance and prevent future injury.  Pick up a rope and get jumping!

Written by Jennifer Imig