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August 2018

Katalin Ogren POW Gym Katalin Ogren POW Gym

This is a Throwback to January 2013.  When I got the call from the Steve Harvey show to do a segment on self – defense I became excited.  I appreciate the opportunity that the Steve Harvey show gave me to speak about self-defense training.  As the City of Chicago continues to loom as the most violent city in the US,  I continue to be baffled why self-defense training is not more important to everyone.   As the Owner of POW! Gym Chicago, I struggle with the truth that self-defense training is not a priority for my fellow city-dwellers.  When I arrived at the Steve Harvey Show, I adapted quickly to the goal of the segment.  Our job was to make self-defense an entertaining segment.  As I rehearsed off stage, I quickly succumbed to the fact that the best I could do as an ambassador of self-defense was to make it look fun and inviting to all ages.  This segment does not fully capture what is required to fight back against violence, but it does hopefully make it look like anyone could learn and train.