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February 2018

Chicago Speed School 

There are many ways to improve your speed.  An excellent exercise that we teach to kids is the quick step.  Here at the Chicago Parisi Speed School – we follow the curriculum of the Parisi Speed Program because it works and lays a foundation to become faster.

Quick Step Exercise is for developing top speed.  It is a common drill in the sports performance community, but often taught incorrectly.  You will notice in this video that Parisi and Rooney emphasize how the movement of the arms (‘pump’) needs to be proportional to the legs.  The arms should not over shoot the leg movement.  The video shows the correct quick-step form at 4:20, but before seeing the exercise, you will learn why the quick step improves top speed.

POW! in the West Loop of Chicago offer a variety of Chicago Fitness and Speed Training Classes.
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