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January 2018

Differences between the Muay Thai Round Kick and Kickboxing Roundhouse Kick

There are so many styles of ’round’ kicks.  The typical kickboxing and muay thai class in Chicago will use one of these types of round kicks.   I use a few words to differentiate between these different kicks.  I teach a lot of roundhouses and round kicks.

Here is a list of different types of rounds and roundhouse kicks used in kickboxing, MMA, muay thai, JKD, savate, tae kwon do and other martial arts.

1.  snap lead roundhouse
2.  snap rear roundhouse
3. lead leg thai round (lead or rear leg)
4. 360 whip round (could technically be from either position, but best as a rear set up or switch set up).
5. switch round ( could in place, advancing forward or advancing on an angle) *
6. advancing or shuffle snap roundhouse (which comes off the lead leg)
7. chopping round (more of a thai style)*
8. Power round (which can be off the rear or lead lead) *
* = has several style variations within that smaller category
9.  Roundhouse with the balls of the foot (I don’t like it unless you are doing traditional karate or wearing a heavy military boot).

Muay Thai Round Kick and Kickboxing Roundhouse