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April 2018

Most people who want to hit the glutes and legs hard focus on exercises like the squat, deadlift and lunge. There are many smaller and subtler exercises that can have a big impact on building strength in the legs.

Leg day can focus on subtle strength and stability exercises. These alternative exercises can be included with your heavy lifting day as supportive movements; or you can designate a day solely to subtle strength exercises.

Many great subtle strength exercises use lighter weights or body weight. I suggest choosing movements that also improve joint stability. Auxiliary leg exercises or subtle strength movements are great for days when you travel. Squatting and dead lifting in a hotel gym, or a new weight room is challenging for the routine lifter. There are certain routines and rituals that many people grow comfortable with when they lift heavy weights. Here is an example of leg exercises that need very little equipment. It is combined with jump rope drills since improving overall conditioning can easily be accomplished when you are on the road.

Exercise 1 : Side bounding, performed over a step. Great for warming up the glutes and improves conditioning.

Exercise 2 : Lateral touch downs or reaches. Great for joint stability.

Exercise 3: Touch backs, similar to a lunge. Focused on improving balance.

Exercise 4: Cross over steps. Great for conditioning.

Exercise 5: Elevated side leg lift. Control the lifting leg.