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August 2017

Boxing workouts are amazing. They offer a total body workout and provide tremendous stress relief. It is essentially killing two birds with one stone. One of the biggest benefits of working out is that it helps with managing stress. Boxing is the best form of stress relief with an amazing fitness upside.

POW! Gym has offered boxing class since 2001. POW! was the first female owned boxing gym in the State of Illinois. Because of our love of boxing we have a diverse boxing class schedule. Our west loop boxing gym offers the most diverse boxing program in Chicago. Owner, Katalin Ogren has created many boxing training formats and believes that boxing training should not be the same every time. The consistent elements of a boxing class should include:

  • Jumping rope
  • Throwing All 6 Basic Punches / Shadow Boxing
  • Practicing footwork / Shadow Boxing

It is not necessary to follow the same training format. There are so many ways to make boxing exciting. Boxing is super exciting and there are many ways to improve boxing skills without doing the same thing in every class. Below is a list of the various boxing classes offered on POW! Gym adult schedule. Not all of these classes are offered at the same time, but they rotate through the schedule.

POW! Gym West Loop Boxing Class List

Boxing Morning Bootcamp

This intense class offers a traditional boxing regiment. It focuses on jump rope, traditional drills, mitt and bag work. Through a combination of sports drills, students can expect to burn numerous calories and feel like a true boxer in training. This class will train basic combos and then progress to more complex combos.  Class will include several AB and core exercises.

Boxing & Speed

POW! is now home to the Parisi Speed School which is the premier sports performance school in the country. Elite athletes and professional teams use their functional training. This class will incorporate the fundamentals of speed training and functional fitness within a boxing mitt class; increasing your overall footwork, agility and quickness as it applies to boxing. We will be using our 103 foot track to practice boxing footwork drills and running sprints.

Boxing & Strength

This class will cover boxing technique, along with power punching drills and footwork drills. The class will help move you quickly through various boxing conditioning drills and mitt work. Keep in mind, that you will be working in a High Intensity Interval Training, so you can push yourself as hard as you want. You control the pace, so listen to your body. This class is intended to give you a total body workout. We will perform several strength-training exercises to ensure we maximize the time in the class.

Boxing Mitts Drills- 500 Punches

This class will cover boxing techniques and power punching drills. You will move you quickly through various boxing conditioning drills and mitt work. Your instructor will put the combos on the board. You will then perform these boxing combos for a set number. Your coach will help with keeping form a priority. The goal of this class is to throw 500 “quality” punches taking technique, form and footwork into account. Keep in mind, that you will be working in intervals, so you can push yourself as hard as long as you keep proper form. There will be minimal rest, keeping you above your target heart rate, but also incorporating threshold drills.

Boxing for Muay Thai

Learn to adjust your boxing skills for the National Sport of Thailand. Adjust your power punching skills and fundamental defenses for the muay thai game. Participants will learn to adapt the stance, the guard & the how-to create versatile straight rights and hooks. Technique covered will include retreating left hook, high kick defenses and straight leg kick defense with left hook. We will also learn how to incorporate elbows and knees with traditional boxing punches. All levels welcome.

Boxing Fundamentals & Drills

This class will teach boxing fundamentals and techniques. It will focus on perfect jabs, hooks, uppercuts and power punches. Training will consist of mostly mitt work and some of the instructor’s favorite conditioning exercises. Even if you have been training for a while, training the foundation will always improve your overall skills. This class is perfect for building solid foundation. Even if you are a seasoned boxer, you will enjoy honing your craft and training for mastery.

Boxing Mitts & Intro to Sparring

This class will always break down key technical aspects of boxing. It will drill basic combos and footwork. Shadow boxing will be one of the teaching tools used to help this class. Students will have an opportunity to be acclimated into sparring. Students do not need to do ‘live’ sparring, but can engage in partner driven safe sparring drills. Please come with a mouthpiece. Many drills will require headgear. House headgear is always available.

Boxing Power Mitt Drills

This is a mitt class that will focus on fundamentals and conditioning for enhanced power. Power intervals are accomplished in how you format your mitt training. The instructor will create a mitt interval series that will push you hard. Class will also focus on foundation and punching technique. As with any class at POW, new comers will adjust their output to their personal capabilities. The overall focus is to increase your anaerobic output. Be prepared to pus yourself and how to recover. Training to threshold is one way to also take your foundation and basic skills to a higher level. This type of training not only improves your overall recovery time, but also improves your metabolism. Despite focusing on power and exclusivity, you will also learn how to recover from such a high level of intensity.

Boxing Sparring

This is an all level boxing sparring class. Our instructors create a safe environment to learn how to spar. We encourage all levels and closely control the contact for each individual to avoid injuries and promote a fun sparring experience. Class will incorporate a warm-up, 1-2 sparring drills building confidence and then boxing sparring rounds. The culture of this class is very welcoming and new students are encouraged.

Boxing Circuit Training

A boxer’s training regiment is more than hitting the bag or combinations on the mitts. It encompasses a variety of skill building drills and exercises that make the “total” athlete.  Expect this class to move you quickly between speed & agility exercises, bag training, footwork sequences, strength & conditioning, mitt work, defensive moves and cardio threshold drills. Exercises will be in timed intervals so you work at your fitness level. You will leave class with a satisfying feeling that you just completed a true Rocky training montage..minus the awesome slow motion scenes!

Boxing Combo Progressions

This all-level class will break up more complex combinations allowing all levels to continue to adjust their punching skills from fundamental to an advanced level.. You will work progressively throughout the class to master 4-6 rounds of 3-6 punch combos that can be combined together for those more advanced clients to make longer and more technical exchanges with your mitt holder. This class is a blast – and offers an amazing challenge for the long time boxing advocate.  You will have fun class both mentally and physically.

Boxing Footwork Drills

Like a fundamentals class, this class will focus on the technique of the boxing punches and a lot of footwork. Combinations in this class will be comprised of the most common combos used in boxing. These key combos are the foundation of the sport and help build the rhythm and timing of boxing. The instructor of this class will always highlight timing and give you technical cues on how to build combination fluidly. Boxing is a sport driven by strong legs, so expect to do many intervals of various leg exercises. Footwork drills require patience. You will learn several ways to throw basic punches – we even hope that you become a better dancer after attending this boxing footwork class (LOL)!

Olympic Style Boxing: Mitt Drills

Despite the fact that Olympic boxing has been contested at almost every Summer Games, it has been part of the Olympics for over 100 years. This single elimination tournament was 3 – 3 minute rounds (women is 4 rounds of 2 minutes each).
Olympic boxing was traditionally is a point system, where fighters receive points for every punch they land with a marked part of their glove. However, 3 of the 5 judges would then press the button within a second of each other in order for the fighter to earn the point.

Based on this structure, traditional Olympic boxing is a very busy punching sport. The goal is to land as many punches as possible. Combinations can be simple, but the timing in which they are thrown makes for a high-energy sport. It focuses on footwork unlike a power punching style of boxing. Today, Olympic boxing has changed to mimic professional boxing. This class pays homage to the original amateur boxing game. Take part in a mitt class that highlights these style differences. All levels welcome.

Cardio Boxing Bag Workout

POW’s version of Cardio Boxing Bootcamp is nothing close to what you see in a health club setting. It is a straight up how a boxers train! We keep you above your target heart rate so we are working your cardiovascular system. We keep you moving and make sure class is dynamic. We incorporate intervals so you never get bored and do not know what is coming next. POW’s Cardio Boxing classes use heavy bags, ropes, medicine balls, weights, bonus, plyometrics and more. Expect to cross train your entire body. You may even feel like a kid during class because you will have so much fun.